Rust Hack Night #29

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Hey everyone,

Hack Night #29 will take place at Adapt Agency (https://adaptagency.com/)'s
offices at Christianshavn. We are excited to present to you the agenda below:

* 18:05—18:15: Welcome!
* 18:15—19:00: Video talk by Yoshua Wuyts (https://yoshuawuyts.com/): On
  static/non-dynamic async concurrency
* 19:00—19:45: Food sponsored by Adapt Agency
* 19:50—20:35: Talk by Søren Welling (http://github.com/sorhawell): Minipolars
  (https://github.com/sorhawell/minipolars): Ongoing porting of the Lightning-
  fast DataFrame library pola.rs (https://pola.rs) to R
* 20:35—: Free play

If you plan to participate, please sign up on this meetup event
(https://www.meetup.com/copenhagen-rust-meetup-group/events/288179100/) so we
know how much food to order, and let us know in advance if you have any
allergens. Also, feel free to alternatively send an email to rust-

We look forward to seeing you!

The website is also  with the information(https://cph.rs/).
If you plan to participate, please give us a heads up so we have an
approximate idea of how many we will be! By sending a mail to

In excitement--until then,
Simon, Christian, and Frederik
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