Rust Hack Night #25 Finalized Program

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Hello all,

Just wanted to send out a final reminder for the rust meet-up
tomorrow. We updated the website (cph.rs) with the latest program,
which is given below as well:

- 18:05—18:15: Welcome!
- 18:15—19:00: Talk by Valdemar Erk: RRust: A reversible embedded
language made with meta-programming
- 19:00—19:45: Food sponsored by Fiberplane
- 19:45—20:30: Talk by Alexandre Senges: Flappy Bird - Reinforcement
learning in the browser with neat-gru and WASM
- 20:30—: Hang out, hacking and networking

As we are ordering food, please let us know at
frederik@secondspectrum.com if you can make it before noon tomorrow -
with optional dietary restrictions.

We are excited to see you!
Blas, Christian and Frederik
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