Rust meetup #35 at Google Cloud

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We are excited to welcome you to Rust meetup #35!

This month we're happy to announce that Google Cloud will be hosting us for the second time!

    18:05—18:15: Welcome!
    18:15—19:00: “Actors with Tokio – a lesson in ownership” by Alice Ryhl
    19:00—19:45: Break with food & drinks and a book raffle sponsored by O’Reilly
    19:50—20:35: “Paths, files and the lies we tell ourselves” by Gustav <rust-meetup@reiuji.ch>
    20:35—: Hang out and talk

Just like last time it's mandatory to sign up at the following link before the 25th 12:00: https://rsvp.withgoogle.com/events/rust-meetup
We of course also need to know by meetup.com or email signup if you're attending :-)

We look forward to seeing you all!
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