Rust meetup #40 sponsored by Embark and hosted by KU

Martin Samuelsson <cph.rs@nibufri.netizen.se>
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We are excited to welcome you to Rust meetup #40 sponsored by Embark
Studios and hosted by Copenhagen University (KU)!


This time we've pulled out all the stops in order to double our capacity
to 100 slots 🎉

We'll have the pleasure of listening to two amazing speakers: None other
than Alice Ryhl of Tokio fame and Jon Gjengset best known for his "Rust
for Rustaceans" book!

The plan looks as follows:

18:05—18:15: Welcome!
18:15—19:00: “Send is not about ownership” By Alice Ryhl
19:00—19:45: Break and food sponsored by Embark Studios
19:50—20:45: "impl Trait: look ma', no generics!" by Jon Gjengset
20:45—: Hang out and talk

We are still finalizing the details around where at KU we'll be so keep
an eye out for updates to the event!

We look forward to seeing you all! 🦀
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