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[REPOST] Hack #9 follow-up and mailing list announcement

Thomas Bracht Laumann Jespersen
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Hi all!
Thanks to all of you that showed up last night, I hope we have more hack nights
like that going forward.

I'm writing to announce a new mailing list for this group:


I have been back and forth on different communication platforms. IRC would be my
preferred choice, but it is so darn ephemeral. And given the relatively low
volume of communication, I figured something like Slack or Mattermost would be

So I've decided to try a mailing list. Please subscribe, because this is where
we'll be posting organizational info going forward. Don't hesitate to ask
questions there either and pass it on to anyone interested.

All the best,
-- Thomas

(This is a repost of an e-mail you may already have received - I messed up the
address for the mailing list, so I'm submitting it again.)