Buggy Buttons in Mira Desktop Environment

sameer sharma <ss9584635804@gmail.com>
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Hey there i am another user of lava launcher, its a fantastic 
tool/utility, i built and installed lava launcher in ubuntu (will also 
build debs if possible in the future) and i was implementing lava 
launcher to work with my project Mira Desktop Environment based on Mir 
Wayland Compositor, Mir is Wayland library nowadays and can be used to 
write wayland compositors, using lava launcher on Mira DE aka Mir 
compositor is buggy as the button/icons flicker continuously and appear 
broken and buggy..
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I have stopped working on LavaLauncher for now, as I don't use it
myself anymore. However, it should still work fine on any desktop
with layer shell support. There is also another branch,
"lavalauncher-next", where I commited a bunch of improvements I never
got around to merging into the master branch, maybe check that one
out as well. Either way, there is a good chance this is an error in
your desktop.

Friendly greetings,
Leon Henrik Plickat
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