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Today I released LavaLauncher version 1.7.0 and I though I should try something
new: Announcing the release on the Lavalauncher mailinglist. The new version
comes with many new features and changes. During the past few weeks I had the
chance to test LavaLauncher on compositors other than Sway and Wayfire, which
helped me refine its design.

- New display mode 'simple'. This mode should be visually identical to 'default'
  mode, however the surface is _not_ sized to span the entire edge of the output
  it is anchored to. Instead it has the exact same size as the visual bar, and
  it is also only anchored to a single edge. On some compositors this may cause
  LavaLauncher to fit better onto the desktop geometrically. Also this mode
  has a smaller memory usage; Depending on screen size and bar size, the
  difference may be significant. Behold: On the current Sway release (1.4), the
  exclusive zone of LavaLauncher in this mode is ignored due to a layer shell
  protocol noncompliance bug. I fixed the issue in Sway, but its next release is
  still some time away.
- When hovering over the bar, the cursor will now change. What cursor is used
  can be configured with the '-P' flag. The default is "pointing_hand". Behold:
  Not every cursor theme has every cursor. If the specified cursor could not be
  found, LavaLauncher will disable this feature.
- When setting the border width with '-S', LavaLauncher now additionally also
  accepts only a single argument, which will set the width for all borders
- When setting the output with '-o', LavaLauncher now accepts the argument 'all'.
- When setting a colour, LavaLauncher now in addition to hex codes also accepts
  'black', 'white' and 'transparent'.
- Debug messages for output events now display the global name of the output.
  This makes it finally possible to know which event is related to which output.
- Nonsensical outputs (when width and/or height are 0) will now be ignored,
  instead of LavaLauncher exiting. Since such outputs are very likely a bug in
  the Wayland compositor, a warning message will be displayed.
- Fixed a bug causing LavaLauncher to crash when it could not connect to a
  Wayland server. Now LavaLauncher correctly displays an error message and exits
- Fixed a bug causing LavaLauncher to crash when the compositor does not support
  a protocol extension it relies on, like the layer shell or XDG output. Now
  LavaLauncher correctly displays an error message and exits gracefully.
- Fixed a design oversight causing LavaLauncher to crash on some compositors
  where outputs are added before xdg_output_manager or zwlr_layer_shell are
- Fixed a design oversight that could potentially cause an unterminated string
  to be executed by a shell.
- Fixed possible memory leak.
- Lots of minor and major overhauls of the code. Things have been moved,
  rewritten, removed and redesigned to get rid of most major rough spots.
- More verbose versioning.

Friendly greetings and stay healthy,
Leon Plickat
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