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Re: lxml_html_clean error when installing Offpunk 2.2 49 minutes ago

From Ploum to ~lioploum/offpunk-users

On 24 mai 23 09:59, Marcin Warpechowski wrote:
>This is my first post so please bear with me. When I tried installing
>Offpunk (v 2.2) for the first time, I got a similar error both on
>MacOS (via MacPorts) and on Ubuntu. The error message is quoted below.
>I hope this message helps someone. To fix the error on Ubuntu, I
>needed to install an additional package
>(sudo apt-get install python3-lxml-html-clean)

Hi Marcin, 

Thanks for your email and you are absolutely right. This bug seems to 
happen only on Ubuntu 24.04 and, if my investigations are right, is not

Re: Self-signed and non-approved certificate on Gemini when using kristall 20 days ago

From Ploum to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

On 24 mai 03 04:44, Eleanor Clifford wrote:
>On Fri, May 03, 2024 at 03:17:27PM +0000, Ploum wrote:
>> Kristall throws the error that the certificate is self-signed and non-approved.
>Sounds like Kristall is not following the recommendation of the spec: (gemini://geminiprotocol.net/docs/protocol-specification.gmi)
>> Clients are strongly RECOMMENDED to use a Trust on First Use or 
>> "TOFU" certificate-pinning system, which does not reject self-signed 
>> certificates as invalid [...]

Thanks a lot, that clarifies the problem!

Re: Subscription refresh time 20 days ago

From Ploum to ~lioploum/offpunk-users

On 24 mai 03 11:02, Siroj42 wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>I've been using offpunk for a while now, and I really like the overall
>concept behind it. But I think that the refresh time/cache validity
>functionality could be adjusted.
>Currently, it is only possible to set a single cache validity argument
>for both subscriptions and other lists.
>I propose that there should be two separate refresh times: One for
>subscriptions and one for other lists. Also, I believe it is more

Having multiple refresh times open a huge array of cemplexities. If two,

Self-signed and non-approved certificate on Gemini when using kristall 20 days ago

From Ploum to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss


I’ve received multiple complains from users visiting my Gemini capsule 
using the Kristall browser.

Kristall throws the error that the certificate is self-signed and 

According to the reports I received, I’m the only capsule affected (that 
they know about).

Is there something wrong/special about Gemini certificates on Sourcehut 

Re: Question about embedded pictures 20 days ago

From Ploum to ~lioploum/offpunk-users

On 24 mai 01 06:50, Y G wrote:
>Hello Ploum and happy offpunk users,
>I’ve got a question about offpunk use : I would like offpunk to fetch
>articles without embedded pictures.
>Is it possible ? I tried "offpunk --images-mode None" but it seems it
>does not strip embedded pictures away (actually I don’t know what this
>"none" mode changes)

In theory, --images-mode=none ask offpunk to not download any pictures 
during synchronisation.

But if pictures are already present in the cache, they will be

Re: [PATCH] Update README.md and add CacheStatus argument 30 days ago

From Ploum to ~lioploum/offpunk-devel

On 24 avr 22 08:23, jirawadeesampusri wrote:
>My name is Jirawadee Sampusri. I recently contributed to the Offpunk project and would like to clarify my role. As part of my master's thesis project, I improved offline browsing with a user-friendly design and more functionality.
>One of my contributions is to update Netcache.py to include a new argument named "CacheStatus," which returns information about cached content size and latest changed date.

Hi Jirawadee,

Could you please update your patch so it doesn’t touch the README.md 
file and we can discuss only the relevant part ?

Excited by M2dir a month ago

From Ploum to ~bitfehler/m2dir


Just wanted to say that I’m quite excited by the M2d spec.

I’ve developed a CLI browser called Offpunk and, for months, I’ve been 
thinking about developing a pure CLI mail client with the same 
philosophy. I already did a few prototypes to parse and display Maildir 

But M2dir would be a lot more inline with the whole philosophy.

So I believe that what is needed, at this stage, is an 
offlineimap/mbsync that could save mails as M2dir. I’m really happy to 
see that Clément Douin is already there, I’m counting on him for that

Re: Client certificates and a new certificate cache a month ago

From Ploum to ~lioploum/offpunk-devel

On 24 avr 11 05:49, Bert Livens wrote:
>Hi everyone,

Hi everyone,

For transparency, I should tell you that Bert is one of my student and 
that, as part of his master thesis, he decided to work on Offpunk. His 
work is centered about implementing support for certificates identity in 
offpunk, even when offline.

This is the infamous bug #31:

This is quite tricky, especially as I’m not a user of gemini identities

Re: Pages down? a month ago

From Ploum to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

On 24 mar 29 11:32, Drew DeVault wrote:
>We were having some performance issues with Ceph caused by unusually
>high loads on git.sr.ht by aggressive crawlers that do not respect
>robots.txt. Things should have settled down once we programmed their
>traffic patterns into an IP blacklist.

Thanks for the reply. This explains the problem as a performance issue.

Good luck!

Ploum - Lionel Dricot
Blog: https://www.ploum.net

Pages down? a month ago

From Ploum to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss


The process to build my pages is failing with :

+ hut pages publish site.tar.gz -d ploum.net
failed to publish site: HTTP request failed: Post "https://pages.sr.ht/query": write tcp> write: connection reset by peer

(this happens randomly at different places in the process)

Also, my website seems to be randomly unavailable : https://ploum.net or 
https://ploum.eu sometime returns empty content.