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Re: Initian syncing of a new subscription 18 hours ago

From to ~lioploum/offpunk-users

On 22/12/06 12:19, Simon Castellan - simon at phis.me wrote:
>Thanks for the work on offpunk! I'm having a lot of fun discovering the tool.
>I love the idea of subscribing to gemini feeds and syncing once and for
>all. But I am left wondering how to configure it? At the moment, if I
>understand correctly, upon subscribing to a new feed, the next
>synchronisation will download every article of the feed, along with
>every link occurring in it. This seems a bit much to me, and can result
>in very long initial synchronisation (starting from ploum.net generates
>more than a thousand downloads that I will probably not read). This


Re: Uploading a website in several steps 19 hours ago

From to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

On 22/12/05 11:56, Drew DeVault - sir at cmpwn.com wrote:
>This might help depending on your failure mode, but it would be helpful
>to know exactly how your uploads are failing. Also, I would recommend
>using hut(1) over acurl.

A few months ago, hut was failing every single time and the author said
it was become of the number of small files. I don’t know if the issue
with hut as been solved.

A fellow sourcehuter told me to use acurl instead which worked.

I’m willing to help debug the issue as I may be one of the first with
lot of small files but probably not the last.

Re: Maybe forever computer is already invented 19 hours ago

From to ~lioploum/forevercomputer

On 22/12/06 10:09, Mart Zirnask - martzirnask at gmail.com wrote:
>Ugh, forgot to add the link to sam's homepage: http://sam.cat-v.org/
>An overview of the command language by the author, Rob Pike:

I have always been curious to see a comparison between Sam and Vim as
both are ed successors.  (Vim user here)

But I think we can all agree that a text editor is very personal and
that the definition of a computer it so be able to run any text editor

Uploading a website in several steps a day ago

From to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss


I’m still investigating how to workaround frequent build failures of my
website and had the idea of doing several tar.gz insteal of one?

If my website is:

- index.html
- folderA/somefiles
- folderB/somefiles

Can I build two tar.gz?


Re: Adding the option to redirect domains in pages a day ago

From to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

On 22/12/05 01:03, Moritz Poldrack - moritz at poldrack.dev wrote:
>On Mon Dec 5, 2022 at 12:54 PM CET,  wrote:
>> But would it work for every URLs?
>No, it would not. Your "best" bet using Sourcehut Pages that I am aware
>of is running a small shellscript that operates on the generated site
>(preferably after it's packed) and replaces the file content with the
>HTML+Meta-Tag. This way you could add the complete path without much
>hazzle. Avoiding the multiple uploads is as far as I know not possible.

That’s how I understand it. That’s why I’m suggesting it as a new
potential feature.

I think that "htaccess-kind redirections" are a mess but maybe simply

Re: Adding the option to redirect domains in pages a day ago

From to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

On 22/12/05 12:47, Drew DeVault - sir at cmpwn.com wrote:

But would it work for every URLs?

If someone access ploum.be/blalbla.html, is will it be redirected to
ploum.net/blabla.html if the meta is only in index.html?

With Apache, I will play with an .htaccess but I don’t know if something
similar is available on sourcehut.  (that would be very helpful so I can
reduce the amount of duplicated content)


Re: Adding the option to redirect domains in pages a day ago

From to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

On 22/12/05 12:35, Drew DeVault - sir at cmpwn.com wrote:
>You could use a meta tag to redirect

Do you mean doing a custom index.html with redirect meta and uploading
only that file to each domain?

(sorry, if it is obvious for everyone but me, never thought of that so I
need to clarify)

Ploum - Lionel Dricot
Blog: https://www.ploum.net
Livres: https://ploum.net/livres.html

Drowning in AI Generated Garbage : the silent war we are fighting a day ago

From to ~lioploum/en

by Ploum on 2022-12-05


All over the web, we are witnessing very spectacular results from
statistic algorithms that have been in the work for the last forty
years. We gave those algorithms an incredibly catchy name: "Artificial
Intelligence". We now have very popular and direct applications for
them: give the algorithm a simple text prompt (don’t get me started on
the importance of text) and it generates a beautiful original picture or
a very serious-sounding text. It could also generate sounds or videos
(we call them "deep fakes"). After all, it generates only a stream of
bits, a bunch of 1 and 0 open to interpretation.

Adding the option to redirect domains in pages a day ago

From to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss


I currently have my blog on https://ploum.net

But I also want it on several other domains: www.ploum.net, ploum.be,
www.ploum.be and, soon, ploum.eu, www.ploum.eu

Currently, my .build.yml has to do 4 deployments which takes a lot of
time and ressource (and increase probability of failure, see the other

I was wondering if there could be an option in .build.yml to tell
sourcehut that a domain should point to an existing deployed website. It
could either be transparent (the user see it as a different website) or

Re: error 400 while trying to build my page 2 days ago

From to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

On 22/12/04 06:19, Lionel Dricot - Ploum wrote:
>On 22/11/30 03:50, Simon Ser - contact at emersion.fr wrote:
>>On Wednesday, November 30th, 2022 at 16:39, <sourcehut@ploum.eu> wrote:
>>> {"errors":[{"message":"Authentication error: Invalid Authorization header"}]}
>>Hm, it seems like this can only happen with malformed requests: either
>>the Authorization header doesn't contain two space-separated fields,
>>either the first field isn't "Bearer" nor "Internal".
>>Looking at the header more closely, it seems like $OAUTH2_TOKEN is
>>unset... So it's probably set from the build env.
>>Can you try `source ~/.buildenv` before executing curl? (acurl should