Modern AI and the end of privacy

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by Ploum on 2023-02-15


When you think about it, the gigacorps currently developing consumer-
facing AI chatbots are also the same companies which are spying the most
heavily on our private life.

Well, it’s obvious because every single company is now trying to spy on
you as much as it can and gathering so much data that they can’t even
handle it (no later than last week, I have asked to be removed from some
shop databases, received a reply telling me that everything was erased
yet I’m still receiving daily spam from them). Companies have so many
data, duplicated in many backups, they don’t even know what to do with

And those data, sooner or later, will be used to train AI. In fact, they
already were for years: look no further than reply suggestions from

The first consequence is that AI chatbot will quickly start to argue
with you, insult you or, why not, send you dick pics. Those are, after
all, a huge part of written human communications.

But the terrifying part is probably that there’s no way to prevent
leaks. Anybody using a trained chatbot will quickly find ways to ask if
Alice and Bob were exchanging emails and what it was about. If Eve was
sick or not.

Worst of all, most of it will probably be hallucinations: false data
invented by the AI itself. But a few clickbait stories with real
information leakage will be enough to cast a doubt that any answer by an
AI "might be true".

Despite many warnings, we have offered total control of our lives to a
few monopolies. Even if you were careful enough, public data about you
are probably enough to "sounds mostly true". Most of your emails ended
in a Gmail or Outlook inbox even if you don’t use those services

In my latest book, the short story "Le jour où la transparence se fit"
is about the brutal and sudden disappearance of privacy. I’m glad the
book is now in stores because, in a few months, it will probably not
sound like science fiction any more…
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