Re: Accessibility and the forever computer?

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> As an user, has anybody tried to code an accessible client/server? No idea. What about making sure your client "plays nice" with assistive technologies? Perhaps that could be a first step.

Gemini seems one of the “easiest” to solve technically, since it is so adjacent to the existing web stack — modern active tech can understand well structured HTML, so, using gemini through anything that converts gem text to HTML first makes gemini available to assistive tech. Granted, this sort of bring accessibility to the smol web by totally side stepping the smol web itself.

Thought experiment on the experience of hardware repair

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I’m wondering about repair-ability.

- There are some adventurous souls teaching themselves how to make chips 
at home. (Home Chip Lab sam.zeloof.xyz)
- There are also commercial fabricators as well that can produce custom 
chips of all sorts.
- Custom PCBs have also been produced ‘at home’ and are available as a 

I’m imagining a world 30 years into the ‘forever computer’ future. 
Someone has brought their computer into the shop for repair. This one 
was inherited by one of your grandchildren and they want to resurrect 

It’s a simple device with handcrafted CRT monitor, keyboard, and 
motherboard. The motherboard uses a mix of open source chips (including 
processor) and commercial memory.

What tools does the shop have on hand?
What ‘catalog’ are they using for finding replacement parts?

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