Announcing Offpunk 2.0

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I’m happy to make the official announcement for the Offpunk 2.0 release 
(which happened last week).


Please share this announcement on places where it could be of interest.

I’m also launching an experimental matrix room for those interested in 
having real-time discussions:  #offpunk:matrix.org


On a more personal level, I’m really curious to hear about how users are 
using Offpunk in their daily life and would be more than happy to read 
blog posts or messages about the subject.

Thanks to all the contributors, packagers and members of the community 
who helped to make this release. 

Happy command-line browsing,


Ploum - Lionel Dricot
Blog: https://www.ploum.net
Livres: https://ploum.net/livres.html
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