Releasing Offpunk 2.2

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I’m pleased to release Offpunk 2.2

This is a "small improvements release".

The major new feature is the fact that the whole Offpunk suite now look 
for an $OFFPUNK_CACHE_PATH environment variable and, if found, use it as 
the cache folder.

This allows using multiple caches for different cases or to use a cache 
on a different disk. Thanks prx for the patch! And thanks all other 
contributors for patches and bug reports.

Full changelog:

2.2 - February 13th 2023
- cache folder is now configurable through $OFFPUNK_CACHE_PATH 
   environment variable (by prx)
- offpunk: adding an URL to a list now update the view mode if url already present
- netcache: solve an infinite gemini loop with code 6X (see also bug #31)
- ansicat: added support for <video> HTML-element (by Bert Livens)
- ansicat: if chafa fails to load an image, fallback to timg if available
- offpunk: add list autocompletion to "tour"
- offpunk: removed "blackbox", which has not been used nor maintained
- offpunk: "gus" was broken, it is functionnal again
- opnk/offpunk: more informative prompt in less
- ansicat: added support for HTML description elements <dt> and <dd> (by Bert Livens)
- opnk: added "--mode" command-line argument (bug #39)
- offpunk: support for "preformatted" theming (bug #38)
- opnk/netcache: added "--cache-validity" command-line argument (bug #37)
- ansicat: consider files as XML, not SVG, if they don’t have .svg extension
- offpunk: fix "view link" crashing with link to empty files

Download: https://git.sr.ht/~lioploum/offpunk/refs/v2.2

Ploum - Lionel Dricot
Blog: https://www.ploum.net
Livres: https://ploum.net/livres.html
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