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Re: Melpa a month ago

From Thomas Letan to ~lthms/colorless-dev


> are there any plans to publish this theme on Melpa and ideally on Melpa
> Stable?
I definitely wish to do so.
More precisely, I want to rename the nordless-theme.el package already
in Melpa into colorless-themes.el (as far as I understand, this is
possible thanks to the :old-names property).

I have cleaned up the package a bit. I will probably try to submit a PR
to Melpa this week-end.

Best regards,

Introducing this blog mailing list 2 months ago

From Thomas Letan to ~lthms/lthms.xyz

Starting today, I will systematically send an email to
[~lthms/lthms.xyz@lists.sr.ht] when I publish a new blogpost. Send a
first email to [~lthms/lthms.xyz+subscribe@lists.sr.ht] if you want to
subscribe to the mailing list, and another to
[~lthms/lthms.xyz+unsubscribe@lists.sr.ht], when you want to
unsubscribe. The objective is for readers to be able to react to my
posts more easily, without having to modify the way I handle this
website. As a bonus, you don’t need to create any account of any sort!

Finally, an archive of the mailing list can be found on [lists.sr.ht].

[~lthms/lthms.xyz@lists.sr.ht] mailto:~lthms/lthms.xyz@lists.sr.ht