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Discord webhook integration a day ago

From Lucas Eduardo to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

I would like to set up an activity log on a discord server.

They provide a nice and easy way to generate a webhook link, you curl
there and a message appears on the chat.

They provide three ways of receiving messages: the GitHub way, the
Slack way, and the Discord way [1]

I already use things like pipedream [2] to serve as duct tape in these
cases but I want to know if there is something native, like webhooks
compatible with GitHub or a workaround that could be done with the

[1] https://discord.com/developers/docs/resources/webhook#execute-webhook

A simple pro tip to deal with the project README 16 days ago

From Lucas Eduardo to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

I was migrating some repos from GitHub and some small incomplete PoCs
to SourceHut and created projects to group the repos.

A thing that annoyed me a bit was that it was asking to select one of
the repos of the project as a README provider for the whole project.
It's a feature, no big deal.

To dismiss that warning, and to solve a missclick I did on one of that
projects that setup one of the repos as a README I created a repo with
only an empty README.md file [1] then added that repo to all the
projects and setup to be the README.

Now the view is bit more cleaner [2].

Re: builds.sr.ht for paid users only 9 months ago

From Lucas Eduardo to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

What if you have a minimum order to unlock the feature, or at least
credit card confirmation. If the user does not cause problems (like
mining) you can refund that purchase, or if you see that someone is
mining you can trigger a purchase, if the purchase does not happen
succesfully you kill all the CI functionality for that account. This
should be added to the ToS to avoid legal problems. If the user
exploits the system this user should be punished in a way that just
creating a new account does not save them.

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Re: Test 1 year, 16 days ago

From Lucas Eduardo to ~lucasew/test

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Em seg., 4 de jan. de 2021 às 21:26, Lucas Eduardo
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> Teste de post para o sourcehut

Test 1 year, 16 days ago

From Lucas Eduardo to ~lucasew/test

Teste de post para o sourcehut