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Truncated pages 9 months ago

From Alyosha Vasilieva to ~cadence/breezewiki-discuss

On my private instance, plus most public instances, I'm seeing truncated 
responses from breezewiki.

* https://bw.artemislena.eu/arknights/wiki/Exusiai
* https://breeze.hostux.net/arknights/wiki/Exusiai
* https://breezewiki.pussthecat.org/arknights/wiki/Exusiai
* https://bw.projectsegfau.lt/arknights/wiki/Exusiai

At least for me, these all end abruptly mid-article (in slightly 
different places?). On my (docker) instance, the logs show:

breezewiki  | Connection error: flush-output: output port is closed
breezewiki  |   output port: #<output-port:tcp-accepted>