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New release: (April-)July 17 days ago

From Marius Orcsik to ~mariusor/activitypub-go

# Back in business

After all this time of not having anything interesting to share, or being too
lazy to do it, I finally managed to put this down (just as I start my vacation
no less). So here's a (not so) short summary of the past 4 months or so.

## Work on federation

This has been a very long time incoming, but only recently I've made strides in
this direction.

The changes we've made span across projects.

### Processing package

Re: [PATCH ratt 0/2] [PATCH] Allowing ratt be used as a library 26 days ago

From Marius Orcsik to ~ghost08/ratt

On 21-07-10 15:54:08, Vladimír Magyar wrote:
> Thanks, I applied it and it works great. Now I must update the aur
> package.

I'm glad to hear it. Sorry that I forgot to attach a patch for the AUR
package also. :)

/Marius Orcsik

Re: Ignoring non-music MPRIS-compatible apps 27 days ago

From Marius Orcsik to ~mariusor/mpris-tools

On 21-07-09 20:50:00, Timur Demin wrote:
> On Fri, 9 Jul 2021 20:30:39 +0500
> Timur Demin <me@tdem.in> wrote:
> > Is there a way to ignore software other than, say, Spotify, with
> > mpris-tools?
> Found it; mpris-scrobbler-config(5) specifies a way to ignore players.

Hey Timur, thank you for your interest in mpris-scrobbler.

Yes, setting ignored players is the main way to achieve this, but
also scrobbles shouldn't be submitted as long as the criteria for a
valid song are not met: valid title, artist and album name.

Re: [Question] Modifying the project to work as a libray? 27 days ago

From Marius Orcsik to ~ghost08/ratt

On 21-07-09 14:22:24, Vladimír Magyar wrote:

> Then, I think, it can be installed with just
> `go install git.sr.ht/~ghost08/ratt@latest`

Hello Vladimir, thank you for the suggestion but unfortunatelly no,
install requires a main package as the final element in the path (using
my fork for this as an example):

    go install git.sr.ht/~mariusor/ratt@5936598
    go install: package git.sr.ht/~mariusor/ratt is not a main package

I think that using /cmd/ratt will still require full path in the install

Re: [Question] Modifying the project to work as a libray? 27 days ago

From Marius Orcsik to ~ghost08/ratt

On 21-07-09 09:47:09, Vladimír Magyar wrote:

> `go install git.sr.ht/~ghost08/ratt/cmd@latest` ?

In testing my patch I stumbled upon this small issue.

If we use the go install command, the binary will be installed under the
name of its folder, ie: cmd, which is not what we want.

We have two options here:

  1. Update install instructions to use git and `go build -o`

  2. Rename the cmd folder to something like ratt, but then the install

Re: [Question] Modifying the project to work as a library? 27 days ago

From Marius Orcsik to ~ghost08/ratt

On 21-07-09 09:47:09, Vladimír Magyar wrote:
> Hi Marius,
> that's a great idea. So I think this would be then installed with:
> `go install git.sr.ht/~ghost08/ratt/cmd@latest` ?
> Then I must change also the AUR packages. When time allows I'll check it
> and add your patch. Will inform you.

OK, I'm glad to hear. I'll prep the patch and send it sometime this
week. So far I haven't tested it fully outside of what I needed it for.

I'll try to also write a patch for the AUR package.


[Question] Modifying the project to work as a libray? 28 days ago

From Marius Orcsik to ~ghost08/ratt


I would like to be able to use ratt as a library in another project and
the way the code is structured at the moment doesn't allow this.

Basically I want to pass a URL and a Selectors object to RATT and get
back a string containing the RSS xml.

Would you be interested in a patch that achieves this? I forked the
project[1] and the changeset isn't that large (~200 lines).

[1] https://git.sr.ht/~mariusor/ratt


Re: Cryptocurrency is an abject disaster 3 months ago

From Marius Orcsik to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

Hello Drew,

I read your post on cryptocurrencies and the best part is your personal note. Thank you for making that decision and writing about it.


Re: Adding a PGP key larger than 3 months ago

From Marius Orcsik to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

On 21-04-17 12:41:04, Mehdi Sadeghi wrote:
> I have also multiple uids and was planning to add a photo. This is I'd guess a common practice in EU.
> How is the current size limit calculated? Are there technical difficulties in increasing the limit? Does having a photo  contradicts any of sr.ht goals?

I think this might be the case only if you upload your keys to a

For sr.ht you should use --export-options export-clean, as it only
requires the info neccessary for encrypted communication.

/Marius Orcsik

Re: builds.sr.ht for paid users only 3 months ago

From Marius Orcsik to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

On 21-04-17 08:01:32, argante wrote:
> The most important thing is a paid service will in no way solve
> the cryptocurrency problem. To realize this, you need to understand
> how arbitrage works. If I can buy something cheaply and sell it more
> expensively, I will do it. For a cryptocurrency arbitrageur, the cost
> is energy, hardware, administration. SH with free service reduces
> these costs to a minimum. That's why it's attractive to them.

I think that you're overestimating the ammount a cryptocurrency miner
can get from a couple of hours of mining on sr.ht.

I doubt that it's worth it to have your account banned again and again
and having to pay for a new one (I suspect Drew will not revert all
mitigations for finding and removing problematic accounts).