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New release (November 2021) 17 days ago

From Marius Orcsik to ~mariusor/activitypub-go

# How much longer until S2S?

I've again been lazy again with the change log updates, and the number of
changes for the last three months is bigger than I expected. Even so, I'm
running out of things to do before I start implementing the server to server
activitypub interactions. As previously stated #moderation is a big priority
and a lot of the updates are related to that in one form or another.

## BrutaLinks

### Visuals

The BrutaLinks project has seen most of the work during this time. The most
visible change is that we're no longer storing the svg document we use for

Re: Public key type: 22 a month ago

From Marius Orcsik to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

On 21-10-09 06:03:31, Simon Ser wrote:
> IIRC it's a missing feature in the Python library used for PGP.

I think Drew already opened a ticket with PGPy[1] a long time ago, when
I had a similar issue.

There seems to have been some activity surrounding ED25519 keys in the
repository, but this particular ticket is still open, maybe it's worth
trying to update the verision if possible?


[1] https://github.com/SecurityInnovation/PGPy/issues/247

New release (August 2021) 3 months ago

From Marius Orcsik to ~mariusor/activitypub-go

# Refactoring is the root of all evil

This last month I've spent by cleaning up after I had decided on a new
method of interacting with the FedBOX repositories.

This new method allows us to aggregate items from multiple collections with
multiple search queries. This, of course, has the downside of slowing down
everything pretty heavily, so there's a strong incentive of not overdoing it.

The new method has an improved collection deep loading, which allows us to go
through all pages until we reach our desired number of items or reach the end.

One thing that this change underscored was again the slowness of our JSON
decoding, so I updated the Go-AP ActivityPub package with JSON decoding based

New release: (April-)July 4 months ago

From Marius Orcsik to ~mariusor/activitypub-go

# Back in business

After all this time of not having anything interesting to share, or being too
lazy to do it, I finally managed to put this down (just as I start my vacation
no less). So here's a (not so) short summary of the past 4 months or so.

## Work on federation

This has been a very long time incoming, but only recently I've made strides in
this direction.

The changes we've made span across projects.

### Processing package

Re: [PATCH ratt 0/2] [PATCH] Allowing ratt be used as a library 4 months ago

From Marius Orcsik to ~ghost08/ratt

On 21-07-10 15:54:08, Vladimír Magyar wrote:
> Thanks, I applied it and it works great. Now I must update the aur
> package.

I'm glad to hear it. Sorry that I forgot to attach a patch for the AUR
package also. :)

/Marius Orcsik

Re: Ignoring non-music MPRIS-compatible apps 4 months ago

From Marius Orcsik to ~mariusor/mpris-tools

On 21-07-09 20:50:00, Timur Demin wrote:
> On Fri, 9 Jul 2021 20:30:39 +0500
> Timur Demin <me@tdem.in> wrote:
> > Is there a way to ignore software other than, say, Spotify, with
> > mpris-tools?
> Found it; mpris-scrobbler-config(5) specifies a way to ignore players.

Hey Timur, thank you for your interest in mpris-scrobbler.

Yes, setting ignored players is the main way to achieve this, but
also scrobbles shouldn't be submitted as long as the criteria for a
valid song are not met: valid title, artist and album name.

Re: [Question] Modifying the project to work as a libray? 4 months ago

From Marius Orcsik to ~ghost08/ratt

On 21-07-09 14:22:24, Vladimír Magyar wrote:

> Then, I think, it can be installed with just
> `go install git.sr.ht/~ghost08/ratt@latest`

Hello Vladimir, thank you for the suggestion but unfortunatelly no,
install requires a main package as the final element in the path (using
my fork for this as an example):

    go install git.sr.ht/~mariusor/ratt@5936598
    go install: package git.sr.ht/~mariusor/ratt is not a main package

I think that using /cmd/ratt will still require full path in the install

Re: [Question] Modifying the project to work as a libray? 4 months ago

From Marius Orcsik to ~ghost08/ratt

On 21-07-09 09:47:09, Vladimír Magyar wrote:

> `go install git.sr.ht/~ghost08/ratt/cmd@latest` ?

In testing my patch I stumbled upon this small issue.

If we use the go install command, the binary will be installed under the
name of its folder, ie: cmd, which is not what we want.

We have two options here:

  1. Update install instructions to use git and `go build -o`

  2. Rename the cmd folder to something like ratt, but then the install

Re: [Question] Modifying the project to work as a library? 4 months ago

From Marius Orcsik to ~ghost08/ratt

On 21-07-09 09:47:09, Vladimír Magyar wrote:
> Hi Marius,
> that's a great idea. So I think this would be then installed with:
> `go install git.sr.ht/~ghost08/ratt/cmd@latest` ?
> Then I must change also the AUR packages. When time allows I'll check it
> and add your patch. Will inform you.

OK, I'm glad to hear. I'll prep the patch and send it sometime this
week. So far I haven't tested it fully outside of what I needed it for.

I'll try to also write a patch for the AUR package.


[Question] Modifying the project to work as a libray? 4 months ago

From Marius Orcsik to ~ghost08/ratt


I would like to be able to use ratt as a library in another project and
the way the code is structured at the moment doesn't allow this.

Basically I want to pass a URL and a Selectors object to RATT and get
back a string containing the RSS xml.

Would you be interested in a patch that achieves this? I forked the
project[1] and the changeset isn't that large (~200 lines).

[1] https://git.sr.ht/~mariusor/ratt