New release (December 2021)

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# Meagre improvements

## Moderation

Like I mentioned it last update I am working on moderation. I have made a
little bit of progress, currently on brutalinks.tech it's enabled and as luck
has it, we've been hit with some spam accounts that we had to silence.

We now have also a wiki page[1] that details some of the technical
decisions surrounding this feature. It has received some attention in
the fediverse, but no concreete feedback from anyone.

## Gob encoding

We made a little progress also with the long time in waiting feature of binary
encoding items (to be used in the future for the storage layer). This was due
to a bug uncovered in using the moderation process where session storage
(which is based on the encoding/gob package) decoding would fail for certain
values. This forced me to do the work for some of the data types in the
activitypub package, but not for all yet.

Berlin, 30th December 2021

[1] https://man.sr.ht/~mariusor/go-activitypub/brutalinks/releases/release-notes-2021-12.md
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