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[PATCH] Add "Gnocci with green aspagus in cream sauce"

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Patch: +95 -0
The amounts are only guessed from memory but should be about right.

 recipes/maringuu/gnocci-with-asparagus.yml | 95 ++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 95 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 recipes/maringuu/gnocci-with-asparagus.yml

diff --git a/recipes/maringuu/gnocci-with-asparagus.yml b/recipes/maringuu/gnocci-with-asparagus.yml
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..ffc7b76
--- /dev/null
+++ b/recipes/maringuu/gnocci-with-asparagus.yml
@@ -0,0 +1,95 @@
name: Gnocci with green asparagus in cream sauce
author: Marten Ringwelski <git@maringuu.de>
created: 2021-03-26
description: A made up italian link gnocci dish.
cuisine: European
course: main
preptime: 10
cooktime: 20
serves: 2

  - id: gnocci
    label: Gnocci
    amount: 400
    unit: gr
  - id: oil
    label: Rapeseed oil
  - id: onion
    label: onion
    amount: 2
    unit: piece
  - id: garlic
    label: Garlic
    amount: 2
    unit: piece
  - id: asparagus
    label: Green asparagus
    amount: 250
    unit: gr
  - id: champingnons
    label: Chanpingnons
    amount: 200
    unit: gr
  - id: paprika
    label: Paprika
    amount: 1
    unit: piece
  - id: cream
    label: Cream
    amount: 400
    unit: ml
  - id: wine
    label: White wine
    amount: 100
    unit: ml
  - id: tomato_paste
    label: Tomato paste
  - id: spices/vegetable_broth
    label: Vegetable broth
    amount: 1
    unit: tablespoon
  - id: spices/chicken_broth
    label: Chicken broth
    amount: 1
    unit: tablespoon
  - id: spices/basil
    label: Basil
  - id: spices/oregano
    label: Oregano

  - id: dish
    text: Cooking the meal

  - stage: dish
    text: Cut the [onion] and the [garlic].
  - stage: dish
    text: Put some [oil] in the wok (alternatively a deep pan) and fry the [onion] and [garlic].
  - stage: dish
    text: Add the [champingnons] and fry them until they shrunk notable.
  - stage: dish
    text: Cut the [asparagus] in three pieces.
  - stage: dish
      Add the [wine] and the [asparagus]. Then add the [spices/chicken_broth]
      and [spices/vegetable_broth].
      Cook until most of the wine is evaporated.
      Make sure to not add the asparagus to early. When it is cooked too long
      it will become flabby.
  - stage: dish
      Cut the [paprika] in mouth-sized pieces and add it to the wok/pan.
      Also make sure that you do not add the [paprika] too early, it also will become flabby otherwise.
  - stage: dish
    text: Add the [cream] and the [gnocci] to the wok. Season to taste with [tomato_paste], [basil] and [oregano].
  - stage: dish
      Cook until the gnocci are ready (3 minutes for the gnocci I buy).
      Put a lid on the wok/pan to make sure that the sauce does not evaporate.

  - You can always cook the dish longer even after the cream is added in case that the asparagus is not yet cooked through.
  - When the dish tastes too greasy in the end you can add some more wine or add a bit of lemon juice.

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