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Re: Home page and Git repository of nntplib 12 hours ago

From Matěj Cepl to ~mcepl/devel

The official home page of nntplib is now , but (I use Sourcehut CI).

And I have released 0.1.3 which reflects all this (and it is now
packaged for openSUSE as python-nntplib).



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Re: [PATCH aerc] use grep -E for commit-msg hook 4 days ago

From Matěj Cepl to ~rjarry/aerc-devel

On Mon Feb 26, 2024 at 9:56 PM CET, Maarten Aertsen wrote:
>  	# Find sort order of this key.
> -	order=$(echo "$trailer_order" | grep -Fxn "$key" | sed -n 's/^\([0-9]\+\):.*/\1/p')
> +	order=$(echo "$trailer_order" | grep -Fxn "$key" | sed -nE 's/^([0-9]+):.*/\1/p')

A nit … the change is in sed(1) not in grep(1). Also, whenever I
see a combination of grep and sed, my first question is “Wouldn’t
awk(1) work here better?”




[PATCH vis] Introduce new `modula2` and `modula3` file types. 9 days ago

From Matěj Cepl to ~martanne/devel

There is the textadapt module for dealing with Modula 2
by the late Nikalus Wirth and its successor Modula 3 on If I want to
just use it, I need to have these types recognized.
 lua/plugins/filetype.lua | 6 ++++++
 1 file changed, 6 insertions(+)

diff --git a/lua/plugins/filetype.lua b/lua/plugins/filetype.lua
index 52d53024..894b71c1 100644
--- a/lua/plugins/filetype.lua
+++ b/lua/plugins/filetype.lua
@@ -286,6 +286,12 @@ vis.ftdetect.filetypes = {
	meson = {
[message trimmed]

gh#martanne/vis!1154 needs rebase 14 days ago

From Matěj Cepl to ~martanne/devel

Hi, Randy,

currently the pull request gh#martanne/vis!1154 breaks the build
(see attached build log). Could I ask for the rebase, please?

Thank you,

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Re: [PATCH vis] vis-complete: split words using awk(1) instead of tr(1) 14 days ago

From Matěj Cepl to ~martanne/devel

On Thu Feb 15, 2024 at 8:29 AM CET, Florian Fischer wrote:
> Apparently, most awk implementations support unicode.

> +	sed -E 's/([^[:alnum:]_])/\n/g' |

Aside from the discrepancy between the commit message and the reality, we had
and see previous versions of this patch) long discussion, where
we came to the conclusion, that GNU sed is perfectly Unicode
aware, but other ones are not (e.g., BSD ones), so that it
is better to use awk, because it should be Unicode friendly


aliases for accept? 18 days ago

From Matěj Cepl to ~rjarry/aerc-devel

With reference to
I would like to ask about possibility of adding aliases. I don’t
think SUSE is the only company (or large organization), where for
many historical reasons people could have multiple identities:
so my most common work email (and let us ignore that I use this
personal email even for all FLOSS-related work, even when on the
company time) is However, that goes to our
commerical email provider and all emails are sent to our internal
IMAP server, where I am And yes, there is also floating around as well. Not mentioning that I
believe exists as well (but I have never used

Re: [PATCH aerc v4 4/4] colorize: preserve defaults unless overridden 20 days ago

From Matěj Cepl to ~rjarry/aerc-devel

On Sat Feb 10, 2024 at 10:06 AM CET, Karel Balej wrote:
> Since I have opened a ticket for this, you probably want to have
> Implements here too :-)

Now we can compete who was bothering Robin more? Certainly

Tested-by: Matěj Cepl <>

as well. That change of default is quite drastic, but so far I
like it! Certainly, it is much more readable.



Re: [PATCH aerc v4 0/4] Default UI change 20 days ago

From Matěj Cepl to ~rjarry/aerc-devel

On Sat Feb 10, 2024 at 8:34 AM CET, Robin Jarry wrote:
> There are 4 patches in the series. Maybe you didn't receive one? Also, the series contains the colorize patch slightly modified. Make sure to remove the one you had in v2.
> curl | git am -3 --empty=drop

Yes, this works. Thank you.


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Re: [PATCH aerc v4 0/4] Default UI change 21 days ago

From Matěj Cepl to ~rjarry/aerc-devel

On Sat Feb 10, 2024 at 1:20 AM CET, Robin Jarry wrote:
> this is a follow up on the colorize default theme fix for light
> backgrounds. After thinking about it some more, I found the default
> theme for the whole application really lacks color and also does not use
> any of the shiny new features that were added since I took over the
> maintenance.

Something's wrong (I have exported all three patches to separate
files to be certain):

        tumbleweed-pkg~/b/m/a/aerc (devel)$ git diff origin/master -- stylesets/*
        tumbleweed-pkg~/b/m/a/aerc (devel)$ 
        tumbleweed-pkg~/b/m/a/aerc (devel)$ git am /tmp/first.patch
        Applying: config: add missing settings in aerc.conf

Re: Timeout when attempting to access 21 days ago

From Matěj Cepl to ~sircmpwn/

On Sat Feb 10, 2024 at 5:30 AM CET, Theo wrote:
> Recently I have noticed that when I try to access, I am 
> unable to connect and get a timeout, however, I am able to access every
> other service just fine. I am unsure if my traffic has been 
> mis-interperted as bot traffic in wake of the recent DDoS attack,
> or if I seemingly was accidentally blacklisted from access. 
> Routing my traffic through vpn/wireguard tunnels seems to mitigate
> the issue somewhat, but not entirely. If there are steps that can
> be taken to resolve this issue that would be great. has started recently to operate over IPv6. How is your
setup doing with that?