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[PATCH] Update README: local subscriptions, contribution guidelines, and TODOs

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diff --git a/README.md b/README.md
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@@ -34,11 +34,36 @@ $ python3 main.py ::1 7171 # Also works with IPv6 addresses

It is strongly disrecommended to run the production using this command. Instead, please refer to the [Quart deployment docs](https://pgjones.gitlab.io/quart/tutorials/deployment.html).

## Subscriptions

If you would like to display the latest videos from your favorite channels/accounts on the homepage, simply place your subscriptions in `accounts.list` or `channels.list` files, like so:

# Comments are allowed in here with a # marker
# Each entry can be one of:
#   - user@server
#   - @user@server
#   - http(s)://server/a/user (accounts.list only)
#   - http(s)://server/c/channel (channels.list only)


- Federation errors (eg. name not resolving) are not handled properly, producing bloaty tracebacks server side and unfriendly errors client side
- Expects to run in the webroot, not in a subdirectory
- Relies on search.joinpeertube.org API, while we should be able to configure a different SepiaSearch instance
- Search result uses `{{ domain }}` instead of actual result-related domain
- Cache should be persisted across runs? Especially since simply running main.py reloads the server every time a python file is saved to disk
- Maybe caching of API requests should be handled in peertube.py? subscriptions caching should stay in main.py though
- Support a mode/theme to act as lightweight frontend for a single instance, maybe reusing real peertube URL format?
- Missing account/channel picture is not pretty: https://tube.fr.tild3.org/kolektiva.media/accounts/bureburebure/video-channels
- main.py is starting to be a bit long, with some code duplication
- Lots of duplication in templates
- Configurable number of latest videos on homepage

## Contributing

Patches should be sent to `~metalune/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht` with git send-email command ([tutorial](https://git-send-email.io/)).

## License

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