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Thanks for your swift reply.

> I sent the patch from mailspring (after enabling plain text email, https://useplaintext.email/#mailspring)

Did you try `git send-email`? https://git-send-email.io/

> No I think it do not need to be as each script doing something else, If it's up to me I would create main.js file to keep everything in it's place but I just followed your style

I don't think that's really that important in a piece of JS as small as ours.
As for why we don't have a separate JS file, it would incur an extra HTTP
request, and for JS code this short the overhead of the request is too large.

> No, 'var' is bad you have const or let. For me I see const fit as we will not need to change contents of that variable later

Again, our JS code is so short that things like this don't really matter, and
also, `var` is more widely supported (`let` and `const` were added in ES6, but
`var` has been in JS for ages). There is absolutely no reason in this case to
use `const`/`let`, it's just not worth it.

> Seems nice but again I did not find ID for your output textarea so I did this way (just following your style in code)
> But seems you do not want me to follow it so yeah I will do my way then 😛

Hmm, I'm not sure what you mean by "following your style."

> Tried to use your input way but I get getting error Uncaught SyntaxError: expected expression, got ')'

I'm certain my code is syntactically valid, but I will note that when I copied
the code in your patch to try it out, I got syntax errors myself. Maybe that's
related. Another possibility is that you somehow copied it into the wrong place.

> I do not know what you mean by style attribute but we will get to this later actually


> About your another thing, I got back the scroll bar so yes If someone wants to get old look, resize the box and scrollbar is back

The old behavior I'm referring to is just not resizing the text box at all.
Having to resize it manually after it was resized automatically isn't the old

P.S Your e-mail doesn't seem to be on the mailing list. Did you reply all or
only reply?
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