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Gogio Android Foreground Service support 2 days ago

From lormann michael to ~eliasnaur/gio

Hi all,
I don't know if it's feasible, but I want to suggest that the Android
experts please consider integrating foreground service support with
the gogio tool for gio programs that are designed for long-running


Contextual AppBar Close Event 9 days ago

From lormann michael to ~whereswaldon/public-inbox

Is there a way to detect that the user specifically has clicked the
Contextual Bar's close button. The widget.clickable object that holds
the close icon  [X]  does not appear to be exposed by the AppBar API
and the other exposed buttons refer to the overflow menu and
the nav drawer only.

Re: [Android] Blank Screen Issue and Android/Gio Best Practices / Common Pitfalls List 11 days ago

From lormann michael to ~eliasnaur/gio

Hi all,
I tried the App struct model suggested by Gregory in the previous post
on this topic and it worked. Blank screen problem solved.
I made all the functions in "main.go" into methods of an App struct.
Like so:

package main

import (

type App struct {