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I have finally gotten around to properly setting up things on my server,
so booksin.space is now being served on the standard port 1965. I've
updated all the links on sourcehut to reflect this.


I have been very busy lately, so the project has kind of stalled out. I
feel sorry to have neglected it this long. Typically the only time I
have to really do anything is at night after the kids are asleep, and
usually then I am too wiped out to focus on anything. 

I'm going to put a little more effort into working on it when I do get
spare time. I want to just get it basically functional so we can start
adding books and expand it gradually. I'm going to write up a yaml
template today and start writing basic functions needed to build the
site---probably in Python (just because, apart from shell, that's what
is readily available in my toolbelt.

Anyway, thanks for your patience everyone. I hope whoever reads this is
faring well in the pandemic. Starting to get bad again here in Korea...

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