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Hello World!

I've started this mailinglist to facilitate discussion about the Dao De
Jing in general and, in particular, the Ames and Hall translation I am
hosting in my library:


Feel free to submit patches for errors, to suggest reformatting, etc.
For now the text is housed in a repo at namu.blue, which I will be
migrating/mirroring to sourcehut in the next couple days:


As of now only the English text is posted. I am working on typing up the
reconstructed version of the original text Ames and Hall translated.
Eventually, I anticipate including:

* A glossary of terms
* A browse-by-chapter version
* A brief introduction to the translation and its context
* A Gemini-accessible version of this mailinglist for reference
* Some historical and contemporary commentaries and references to the
    individual chapters

Anyway, I'm very grateful to Roger Ames for allowing us to post his
translation in Geminispace. For extensive commentary and notes,
definitely check out the book in print:

Dao De Jing "Making This Life Significant": A Philosophical
Roger T. Ames & David L. Hall
Ballantine Books: New York, 2003.
ISBN: 0345444191
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