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## Compile from source

Alpine Linux maintainers are waiting for zig to release 1.0 before zig
is merged into stable.
As such, mepo is not available in the postmarketOS/Alpine stable
You can use flatpak to install mepo.
If you don't want to install flatpak, here is how you can compile mepo
from source on Alpine/postmarketOS stable:

1. Install the `makedepends` and `depends` packages from the [APKBUILD]( https://git.alpinelinux.org/aports/tree/testing/mepo?h=master).
2. Download and unpack `zig-linux-<your-arch>-<version>.tar.xz` from the
[ziglang website](https://ziglang.org/download/). Once unpacked, the
`zig` binary in the `zig-linux-<your-arch>-<version>` folder is your zig
3. Downloaded and extract the mepo source:
4. Compile and install mepo via:
cd mepo-<version>
../zig-linux-<your-arch>-<version>/zig build --prefix ~/.local install

Mepo should now appear in your applications menu (phosh, Sxmo, etc.).


## Flatpak

Mepo is available [as a flatpak on