Sxmo 1.2.0 released: major changes

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Hello everybody!

We have a major and long anticipated sxmo release for you: 1.2.0 ! This is a
big release that includes a lot of patches, introducing some significant
changes and fixes, so bear with me for a bit of a longer mail and make sure to read
the upgrade instructions.

First, it's important to realize that some of the changes are not backward compatible:

* A new gesture system has been rolled out, the new gestures are documented here:
  It is important that both lisgd and sxmo-utils get upgraded for this to work
  (should be the default)
* Modem data has moved from ~/.config/sxmo to ~/.local/share/sxmo , if you want
  to preserve your existing modem log and text messases
  make sure to copy these to ~/.local/share/sxmo/modem/ ($XDG_DATA_HOME/modem)
* The dwm.log has moved to ~/.cache/sxmo/dwm.log , this holds standard error output
  of the various sxmo scripts and is a good start for any debugging session.
* Our custom sxmo-svkbd package is deprecated and replaced by the new svkbd one which is
  merged upstream with suckless.

Upgrading an existing system requires some extra intervention as a clean upgrade path was not possible.
It it strongly recommended to do the upgrade over ssh if possible:

    sudo apk update
    sudo apk del postmarketos-ui-sxmo sxmo-xdm    #we need to do this to get rid of old sxmo-xdm
                                                  #don't be alarmed by the many packages this
                                                  #temporarily removes, they'll be readded next:
    sudo apk add postmarketos-ui-sxmo
    sudo apk upgrade

We hope to deliver a more stable experience with this release, including in
calling, now supporting even wakeup from deep sleep (crust) for calls
(not yet for texts).

A short demo video is available that shows this new release, check it out!

 * https://diode.zone/videos/watch/9651fd70-7668-4110-8e9a-211007b8509e (peertube)
 * https://download.anaproy.nl/sxmodemo.mp4 (direct link)

One major standing unresolved issue is the current inability to receive unicode text messages,
but this is something that is being resolved upstream in ModemManager.

The sxmo community has been quite active recently and we'd like to thank
all contributors and testers. A new testing infrastructure was set up in the
form of nightly images (http://images.lrdu.org/pinephone/) as well a build
system for the latest development versions (https://git.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-build), so
if you want to test the latest git HEAD during development, just run the build script
from this repo.

If you find any issues, please report them in our ticketing system at https://todo.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-tickets/ . If you
need help or just want to chat, come join use on our #sxmo IRC channel on Freenode.

Overview of significant patches for sxmo-utils:

 * Reed Wade: Move the send sms logic in a dedicated script
 * Reed Wade: Autocomplete WPA networks with scanned ones
 * Dmytro: Unmute fix
 * Sam Bowlby: fix crash on open menu if already open
 * Anjandev Momi: handle missing and uncreatable notifdirs more gracefully
 * Maarten van Gompel & ~nimbin: Implemented suggested fix for Notifications menu fails with special characters (#78)
 * Reed Wade: fix a bug on picked notification file determination
 * Reed Wade: fix a notification bug when sms come from whitespace content number
 * Maarten van Gompel: swapped the two move-window-to-next-desktop gestures, the direction of the swipe is now the
   direction of the movement
 * Maarten van Gompel: complete revision of gestures, using new edge system
 * Julian P Samaroo: Added option to postpone and resend text messages
 * Serge E. Hallyn : modemmonitor: use dbus-monitor
 * Maarten van Gompel: added SXMO_LOCK_SCREEN_OFF and SXMO_LOCK_SUSPEND environment variables to set a target stage from
   the environment
 * Maarten van Gompel: Implementing optional rtc wakeup at regular intervals, added presuspend, rtcwake and postwake
 * Reed Wade: Add a new pickup hook that trigger on accept incoming calls
 * Maarten van Gompel & Reed Wade: Add more contacts choice to contact list
 * Anjandev Momi: Postpone (sms) renamed to draft
 * Anjandev Momi: move dwm.log to $XDG_CACHE_HOME
 * Maarten van Gompel: don't stumble over single quotes when sending SMS texts and replace double quotes with double
   single quotes to avoid trouble (a bit patchy)
 * Andre Ramnitz: Don't set $TERM
 * Andre Ramnitz: Start terminal with a login shell if run from dmenu
 * Miles Alan: Fix wakeup from CRUST for incoming call for 5.9 kernel
 * Anjandev Momi: enable bluetooth and modem drivers during crust suspend
 * Reed Wade: Give notification file to the notification hook
 * Reed Wade: Add a new pickup hook that trigger on accept incoming calls
 * Reed Wade: The ring hook was blocking the notification writing.
 * Anjandev Momi: add editorconfig and editorconfig check
 * Anjandev Momi: move sxmo data to XDG_DATA_HOME
 * Anjandev Momi: fix builds button to only show sxmo-utils tests
 * Serge E. Hallyn: sxmo_weather: add wind direction
 * Miles Alan: Make suspendtimeout for screenlock cutomizable via SXMO_SUSPENDTIMEOUTS
 * Miles Alan: Missed call rework: Use dbus to check for missed calls & properly delete pickup
 * Miles Alan: Add back saftey hook for incoming calls to delete notifications if none incoming
 * ivoulis: Do not start lisgd if it is not running (e.g. lockscreen)
 * Maarten van Gompel: various indentation fixes (spaces to tabs and stripping trailing whitespace)
 * Maarten van Gompel: editorcheck update: restrict to shell scripts and C programs for now, and removing the maximum
   line length check for now.
 * Reed Wade: sxmo_files now respect user desktop configurations
 * Anjandev Momi: Added default sxmo applications mimeapps.list
 * Anjandev Momi: Fixed user log out when selecting "Close Menu" in dialer
 * Reed Wade: Use mono differencial as default Line Out mode
 * Miles Alan: Standardize install path for mimeapps.list to use $PREFIX
 * Maarten van Gompel: Force new process group using setgid -f when starting anything that may possibly kill an entire
   progress group (kill -9 0) #11
 * Maarten van Gompel: modemmonitortoggle may take an argument "on" or "off"
 * Anjandev Momi: simplify code to get phone number for incoming calls
 * Anjandev Momi: Fix short phone numbers or phone numbers with text do not appear in scripts
 * Anjandev Momi: updated sxmo_contacts comment with acceptable numbers
 * Anjandev Momi: Do not display text only numbers as options when dialing or composing new texts
 * Anjandev Momi: shellcheck fix: use -n instead of ! -z
 * Anjandev Momi: sxmo_appmenu: fixed only one userscript appearing in Scripts menu
 * Daniele Rogora: Workaround for reliable incoming calls waking up from CRUST
 * Maarten van Gompel: Added a shellcheckrc and allowing string replacement in scripts for now (not POSIX compliant)
 * Anjandev Momi: Revert "simplify code to get phone number for incoming calls"
 * Anjandev Momi: add dino (xmpp client) to apps menu
 * Maarten van Gompel: Revert "sxmo_appmenu: fixed only one userscript appearing in Scripts menu"
 * Maarten van Gompel: dino menu entry: case adjustment for consistency
 * Maarten van Gompel: added calcurse to app menu
 * Anjandev Momi: added aerc to app menu
 * Maarten van Gompel: Sane message when terminating call with unknown number and more verbose output to stderr from
 * Maarten van Gompel: Restore audio to original state after finishing a call #133
 * Maarten van Gompel: explicitly delete calls after hangup/termination #134
 * Maarten van Gompel: full contact list (--all) now also includes short/special numbers #104
 * Maarten van Gompel: implemented lookupcontactname() in call/text handler, removes non posix-compliant substitutions
 * Maarten van Gompel: reworking handling finished/missed calls #134
 * Maarten van Gompel: make modemmonitor's dbus hooks more robust and prevent being triggered multiple times
 * Maarten van Gompel: Implemented shortcut for picking up incoming calls #135
 * Reed Wade: scale megapixel gtk ui x2
 * Maarten van Gompel: fix for calling postwake script after wakeup #130

Overview of significant patches for sxmo-dmenu:

 * Galen Abell: Add optional wrap around to top/bottom of list

Overview of significant patches for sxmo-dwm:

 * Maarten van Gompel: Do not allow mouse moving/resizing with main mod key (alt), as this conflicts with using alt from
   the virtual keyboard,
 * Andre Ramnitz: Use $TERMCMD instead of $TERM and explicitly call a login shell

Overview of significant patches for sxmo-xdm-config (replacing sxmo-xdm):

 * Maarten van Gompel: changed styling (including a minimal Xresources), removed xconsole (wasn't installed anyway)
 * Maarten van Gompel: Implemented support for the new svkbd keyboard, with some fallbacks. 2) Reset leds and brightness
   3) Allow for a background and startup tune

Overview of significant patches for lisgd 0.2.0:

* Maarten van Gompel: implementing support for gestures with edge and corner detection
* Maarten van Gompel: size of each edge is configurable
* Anjandev Momi: use $KEYBOARD env variable not hardcoded keyboard

Overview of significant patches for svkbd 0.2.2:

* Maarten van Gompel: fixed a bug that reset the layer to layer one after hiding the overlay
* Maarten van Gompel: fixed russian keyboard layout in mobile-intl, Р key was missing, moved З to an overlay on е
  because of lack of space

Enjoy the release!


Maarten van Gompel (proycon)
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