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Hi all!

SXMO 1.3.0 has been released and is available in postmarketOS. This
release features some important fixes, such as for incoming calls during
suspension and a screenlock that now actually powers of the display and
saves battery life (thanks to ~trbl for the much needed hint here)

This release improves usability with dmenu now reacting not on touch,
but on release of touch, which makes a big difference; thanks to
tetrakist for this!  Furthermore, most menus now have icons and a more
consistent font.

You can upgrade with a simple apk update && apk upgrade . Make sure you
reboot your device afterwards, as we have have a new init script that
enables user access to certain devices and kernel parameters, rather
than relying on setsuid scripts.

Please report any problems, especially regressions, that may have

Condensed Changelog:


* Applied the listfullwidth patch by Alex Cole (upstream) so the prompt
  no longer indents the list and we have a better use of our scarce
  display width
* Applied the xresources patch so we get font settings from Xresoruces
* Hiltjo posthuma & Quentin Rameau - Merged various changes from upstream dmenu 5.0
* tetrakist - Perform menu actions on ButtonRelease event rather than ButtonPress.


* Anjandev Momi & Maarten van Gompel - Added a common script
  sxmo_common.sh that is included from multiple scripts and
  sets common variables, ensures busybox versions are used
  rather than others. #137
* Frank Oltmanns & Maarten van Gompel - Use 'install' in Makefiles
* Maarten van Gompel - Adding icons to menus and read font from Xresources
* Maarten van Gompel - Blank the screen then locking
* Maarten van Gompel - Reduce wifi reconnection time after deep sleep &
  update status bar quicker after connection to wifi
* Maarten van Gompel - Increased verbosity in various scripts
* Maarten van Gompel - Wait for the modem a bit when it is not
  immediately available yet (e.g. after crust wakeup) #156
* Maarten van Gompel - Added an option (extra notification) to discard an
  incoming call #157
* Julian Samaroo - Sort notification menu

The following tickets should now be fixed:

* #156 - With introduction of eg25-manager, the modemmonitor stops when receiving calls
* #157 - There should be an option to end a call
* #158 - screenlock display off mode does not actually turns the screen off: burn-in problem
* #116 - Reliable incoming calls from crust
* #149 - Add icons to menus and status bar, using fonts
* #151 - Replace cp with install in Makefiles
* #137 - installing findutils breaks userscripts
* #128 - Use file permissions instead of setuid
* #141 - Fixed rotate gesture



Maarten van Gompel


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