SXMO 1.4.1 released (not a déjà vu)

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Hi all,

This is not a déjà vu. We are really announcing another release so soon
after the last one. We got quite some good feedback on this release
(thanks to everybody who commented and reported issues!) and decided to
tackle a few immediately. This was needed to resolve some bugs
which managed to creep into the 1.4.0 release from two days ago.

Packages should land in the postmarketos repos any time now, including
the newly released postmarketOS stable (v21.03). Everybody is encouraged
to upgrade using:

 $ apk update && apk upgrade -a

(note the -a flag there, we learned from the postmarketOS maintainers
that this is needed to resolve some issues when packages
are removed from repositories).

Also take into account the important message from the previous release
if you encounter a "No space left on device" error. There's another
important message in this mail regarding the unreliability of incoming
SMS during deep sleep, so please read the whole thing:

Before we get to some exciting new features, this release brings some important fixes:

 * SMS couldn't be viewed properly on systems with only busybox's less.
   This has now been fixed (thanks to Stacy).
 * Some SMS were picked up far too late by our modemmonitor,
   this has now been fixed. This has been fixed.
 * However, there is still a major issue receiving SMS whilst
   asleep. Receiving SMS whilst asleep should be considered unreliable at best
   and broken at worst, it is actively being worked on but is not SXMO-specific.
   (see https://gitlab.com/postmarketOS/pmaports/-/merge_requests/2066)
     - A temporary workaround is to run "sudo rc-service modemmanager
       restart" after recovering from sleep (aka crust). SMSes you
       missed during sleep should be delivered then.
     - Additionaly, there is still a long-standing issue with incoming unicode
       messages not arriving. This too is being worked on upstream but
       not released and packaged yet.
 * The parameter to enable vibration for clickclack should be -V
   instead of -v,  this was wrongly set in the xinit template
   that was installed for you on first login (and would break the keyboard).

Now onto the exciting new features:

 * SXMO now installs default hooks for you if you don't
   have a custom ~/.config/sxmo/xinit yet, along with the
   xinit template that we introduced last release.
   The default hooks by default set up a ringtone for
   incoming calls and a notification sound for SMS.
   NOTE: If you want these installed on an existing installation,
   either remove your ~/.config/sxmo/xinit and any existing hooks that may conflict,
   or just integrate the new hooks yourselves:
   (sxmo will *NEVER* overwrite your user configured hooks or xinit)

 * We have an actual (simple) SIM PIN entry mechanism now! (using dmenu)
   If you use the default xinit template, the modemmonitor will be enabled
   by default and your PIN will be automatically requested. Icons in the
   status bar will indicate if your SIM is locked (a lock), if it is connected
   to GSM (Signals bar icon, not indicative of actual signal strength though), or
   if it is connected to 2G/3G/4G/5G (Cloud icon).

Full changelog for this release:

[sxmo-utils 0.4.1]

 * Maarten van Gompel o kill existing dmenu prior to asking SIM PIN
 * Stacy Harper       o Add some gemini apps
 * Stacy Harper       o Add some scroll shortcuts to weechat
 * Maarten van Gompel o we expect people to upgrade with `apk upgrade -a` (quoting ollieparanoid from pmos)
 * Maarten van Gompel o implemented simple unlock sim script using dmenu
 * Maarten van Gompel o Modem monitor now tracks the modem for state changes and shows the state in the sta
 * Maarten van Gompel o automatically turn modemmanager on in xinit template
 * Maarten van Gompel o set SXMO_LOCK_SCREEN_OFF=1 in xinit template
 * Maarten van Gompel o increased volume
 * Maarten van Gompel o default hook updatE: vibrate the phone on ringing (once)
 * Stacy Harper       o Allow the sendnewtextmenu to be used with a number as arg
 * Maarten van Gompel o ensure clickclack and svkbd are killed prior to suspending (may fix a sound stutter
 * Maarten van Gompel o Implement default hooks for ringing and incoming texts, playing audio
 * Maarten van Gompel o forward parameters to lisgdstart hook (as suggeested by ~dinkocar in #222)
 * Maarten van Gompel o make notifications not cover the status bar (suggested by ~dinkocar in #220)
 * Stacy Harper       o Revert "Use less as sms pager to allow scrollback"
 * Maarten van Gompel o removed the startup tune in the xinit template
 * Maarten van Gompel o fixed clickclack vibration flag in xinit template

[sxmo-xdm-config 0.3.1]

 * Stacy Harper       o Fix the forgoten logdata directory move


Maarten van Gompel


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