Sxmo 1.7.0 released

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Hi all!

We just released sxmo 1.7.0, for postmarketOS edge users it should appear in
the repository very soon and you can then upgrade with the usual:

``apk update && apk upgrade -a``

Make sure to run ``sxmo_migrate.sh`` after the upgrade to update any custom
hooks you may have. It will check them against the defaults (it won't make any
changes unless you explicitly say so).

Users running postmarketOS stable (v21.12) will see the update within the next
two weeks or so when v21.12 service pack 1 is released. Other distributions
like Arch ARM will hopefully catch up soon.

This new release features a whole lot of smaller fixes and code cleanup that
may not be immediately noticable but should make things more robust, some of
the highlights in no particular order are:

- Support for Visual Voice Mail
- MMS improvements: simplified adding attachments/recipients
- wider vertical spacing in the pick-up menu to prevent fat-finger accidents
- On sway, use a new on-screen-display to signal volume/brightess changes (wob instead of mako)
- better multi-device support, some updates for the Librem 5 and initial work for the Pinephone Pro
- the window switcher also allows workspace switcher; accessible through the hardware buttons
- default apps moved to a dedicated hook
- various improvements for better auto-suspend behaviour (can_suspend/is_idle)
- significant logging improvements, there is now a single sxmo.log instead of dwm.log/sway.log.
- new and consistent on/off switches for wifi/modem/modem monitor/bluetooth/gestures/idle monitor etc
- show contact names for unknown group chats
- Added a more subtle keytap audio clip for clickclack (opt-in)
- show phone numbers for unknown numbers rather than ???
- show contact names for unknown group chats
- reworked various parts of the menu (contextmenu, reworked networks menu, power menu, etc)
- added various new apps to the app menu, including map viewer 'mepo'
  (https://sr.ht/~mil/mepo/), of which v0.2 was released in December and is now
  available in postmarketOS edge.
- fixes for networkmonitor
- fixes for doas, which we use instead of sudo
- some fixes for Arch

Please consult the git log of sxmo-utils for all the details. A small subset of
the fixes was already backported to 1.6.1 for the postmarketOS v21.12 release
at the end of December.

The 1.7.0 release consist of another record-breaking amount of commits from numerous contributors:

sxmo-utils: `git shortlog -s --no-merges 1.6.0..HEAD`

     6  Anjandev Momi
     9  ArenM
     2  Avalon Woodard
     9  Clayton Craft
     2  Danct12
     1  Jan Wagemakers
    21  Maarten van Gompel
     1  Nathaniel Barragan
     1  Neil Jerram
    88  Peter John Hartman
     1  Robert Manner
     2  Sam Bowlby
    83  Stacy Harper
    11  Zach DeCook
     1  bacardi55
     1  baroque
     2  laalsaas

Last but not least, we already have another batch of exciting changes upcoming for the next 1.8.0!



Maarten van Gompel (proycon)
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