Sxmo 1.8.1 released

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Hello everyone !

We just released sxmo 1.8.1. It is already available to postmarketOS
edge users and will be in the postmarketOS stable v21.12.2 later this
week (coming from 1.7.1). This 1.8.1 release comes very soon after 1.8.0
but still contains numerous fixes and improvements. Run the following
command to upgrade:


We recommend postmarketOS users to also run an extra `sudo apk fix`
after this , specially if they used our `sxmo-build` in the past,
because `wlroots` might fail to upgrade properly to the new package.

After the upgrade we recommend a reboot. A notable improvement is the
way we handle migrations of user configuration files using
`sxmo_migrate.sh`. Anjan wrote a blog post on this topic, and motivating
why we need it in the first place, here:
https://momi.ca/posts/2022-02-04-sxmo-migrate.html . The tl;dr of it is
that configuration files are now explicitly versioned. Sxmo will revert
to default if the configversion does not match the one in the default
config installed and ask you to merge your changes whenever a conflict
in versions arises, typically after an upgrade such as this one. You can
view the user guide on this feature here:


Further highlights, in no particular order, are:

* The SIM PIN entry menu is now fixed, it didn't pop up correctly on 1.8.0 and there were further issues with it on dwm.
* Important fix where dwm wouldn't start due to missing xinit
* There is hook menu provided quick access to custom hooks
* You can access `sxmo_migrate.sh` via the Config menu.
* Improvements for better device-independence, such as:
    * `sxmo_vibratepine` was renamed to `sxmo_vibrate`
    * Added a `SXMO_DISABLE_LEDS` configuration variable, useful for devices without LEDs.
* SXMO specific environment variables now have the prefix `SXMO_`
* Users can set custom dimensions for the menus
* Support for Pinephone Pro hardware buttons
* Better indications in statusbar when connecting/disconnecting modem
* .. and various other fixes ..

Please consult the git log of sxmo-utils for all the details.

sxmo-utils: `git shortlog -s --no-merges 1.8.0..1.8.1`

     3  Anjandev Momi
     2  ArenM
    24  Maarten van Gompel
     5  Nihal Jere
    24  Peter John Hartman
     1  Sam Bowlby
    14  Stacy Harper
     2  Zach DeCook
     1  laalsaas
     1  noneofyourbusiness

See ya !


Maarten van Gompel, Stacy Harper, Anjandev Momi
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