Sxmo 1.5.1 Released

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Hello there !

We'd like to announce a new release from Sxmo, 1.5.1. This version will
bring less new things than the previous one.

We are heavily working on moving the default window manager to
Sway. Things are starting to be very pleasant in this regard but we are
still far away from having everything upstreamed, released and
packaged. The next major release will be awesome, stay close !

Every Sxmo package now support Dwm and Sway. We abstracted all behaviors
directly related to dwm or xorg. This release will still support Dwm
and no regressions are to be expected.

If you have any custom hooks, make sure to run the sxmo_migrate.sh
after you upgrade to check them against the defaults (it won't make any
changes unless you explicitly say so).

The main change from this release is the switch from xdm to tinydm.
Everything should be automatic but some users may need a manual

! Manual intervention !

Some users that dont use the default "user" provided, so the default
uid, may need to configure tinydm to use their user id.

Check that /etc/conf.d/tinydm use your UID (default is 10000)


Your device is now completely without protection. We recommend you to
install Sxmo on a luksed partition. The PostmarketOs installer image
permit this.

We dropped xdm cause we will use some kind of Sxmo lock at one point.
This will be way easier to handle without relying on an external Display
Manager. And we also think that Sxmo was anyway unprotected from the
moment you log in cause we were not relying on the DM when we
lock or suspend the device.

If some of you guys wanna try the Sway version of Sxmo, here the

- Pull sxmo-build (https://git.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-build)
- Switch to the swmo branch
- Run the script ./sxmo_build_all.sh

With this build, you still can switch back and forth, from and to
dwm or sway. The new "Toggle WM" config entry will switch the tinydm
desktop file to dwm or sway and shut down the current one.

Oh wa, it looks like we actually did some other things for Sxmo :

- hide and display the cursor if using a mouse or touch (ty ~saba)
- fixed some call menu issues we had (and cleaned up this script)
- we now use light to manage brightness (with a limit to 5% to prevent
- moved to bemenu ncurse for ssh mode menus
- users can now override lock state action handlers. You now can
configure all actions as you please
- we tried to upgrade the modem monitor to restart daemons when
they crash and to check the current state. It is a desesperate try to
mitigate, or at least to keep the user informed of unreliabilities from
ModemManager or eg25-manager. It is still not good enough
- the sxmo button thresholds can be customised with… SXMO_THRESHOLD
(default is 300)
- conky should now refresh itself quickly after suspension
- the appmenu flash light entry has been moved to the first menu
(ty baroque0)
- the rtcwake script now try to setup env variable to allow desktop
softwares to run from cron jobs (DISPLAY, SWAYSOCK). We also got a
"sxmo_wm.sh exec" and execwait to run a software from cron jobs.
ex :  0 8 * * 1-5 sxmo_rtcwake.sh sxmo_wm.sh execwait stacy_wakeup.sh
This expect to bring the phone back to hibernation if I dont wake up…

Aside from all of the above, there have been numerous fixes in many
areas, please consult the git log for the full details.

The new release consists of:

* sxmo-utils 1.5.1
* sxmo-dwm 6.2.14
* sxmo-dmenu 5.0.10
* lisgd 0.32

We also got lot of other contributions and feedbacks and help from all
of you. Thanks again for making this release possible !

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