Sxmo 0.1.10 Release: PmOS Merge, Notifications, Camera work, Youtube script fix, bugfixes

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Hi all - a little over a week ago postmarketOS finally merged Sxmo's
packages into its pmaports repository. This means there is now no longer
any need for users to add a custom repository while installing Sxmo. Upgrade
instructions are at the bottom of this message.

Merging into pmOS, the following packages were bumped: sxmo-utils to 1.1.10,
sxmo-dwm to 6.2.9, and sxmo-dmenu to 4.9.6.

Summary of Changes:
- Replace idiotbox/youtbe-cli with youtube-dl search functionality for the
  youtube script. Fixes youtube functionality.
- Add new notifications menu & system which sets LED when you have a new
  text or missed call and lets you browse notifications via dmenu (thanks ~iressa)
- Add new grid patch to sxmo-dmenu; this will enable more compact / multi-column
  menus in the future (or now if you're scripting yourself).
- Fix initialindex patch for sxmo-dmenu to properly restore position if the
  user's position is past the first page (vastly improves usability in RSS script).
- Add clientindicators patch to dwm to visualize number of clients in each tag.
- Tapping on statusbar area in dwm opens the sys menu (thanks ~anjan)
- Fundamental work to make a robust camera script based on ffmpeg + mpv
  (thanks for the help ~anjan).
- Although the camera script was reworked, a regression occurred and the camera
  is broken :( Should only be a small config change needed to get this working
  in the next release however.
- Show many more installed applications in the applications menu (thanks ~proycon)
- Fix sourcing / export of xinit ENV variables to actually apply
- Various other small bugfixes and new features, see full changelog at:

In order to pull the latest changes (if you're on an old image or installed Sxmo
using the old custom repository method), you'll need to upgrade for the new 
pmOS merge. The upgrade steps are just to delete the old custom repository, 
remove the old `sxmo-ui` package and install the new merged package named 
`postmarketos-ui-sxmo`. Or simply:

sed -i '/sxmo.lrdu.org/d' /etc/apk/repositories
apk del sxmo-ui
apk add postmarketos-ui-sxmo

Do note that certain packages have been removed as dependencies and are instead
optional while installing via pmboostrap (such as firefox). So you will want to
reinstall these packages. Refer to the APKBUILD for postmarketos-ui-sxmo for a
list of the packages which have been made optional:

A final note - about images.. since pmOS's image infrastructure isn't fully
automated, yet, I will be continuing to roll images for each major Sxmo
release. I've rolled an image for 0.1.10. New images no longer incorporate
the custom alpine repository and instead are essentially identical to the
result of what you'd get if you ran pmbootstrap locally and selected Sxmo as
your UI. The new 0.1.10 image is available at:

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