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Sxmo 1.6.0 Released

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Sxmo 1.6.0 Release

Hello there!

We're proud to announce the release of sxmo version 1.6. After months of
work, this release finally brings sxmo to Wayland!

## Upgrade

If you are on postmarketOS edge, you can upgrade with a simple ``apk
update && apk upgrade -a``. New images will also be provided shortly by
postmarketOS if you install from scratch. Other distros like Arch ARM
will probably catch up soon.

If you have any custom hooks, make sure to run the sxmo_migrate.sh after
you upgrade to check them against the defaults (it won't make any
changes unless you explicitly say so).

## Documentation

You can grab the documentation for the latest release at the following

* sxmo-docs - https://man.sr.ht/~anjan/sxmo-docs/ - All documentation
for the latest stable release in Alpineā€™s community repository.

Please keep in mind that with the massive sway change, certain parts of
the documentation may still require some editing. Please contribute
patches to fix the documentation by running `git clone
https://git.sr.ht/~anjan/sxmo-docs/` and sending patches to the mailing

As always, we have a very active and knowledgable irc community that can
help you with any issues you run into. For info about how to join our
irc channel, please see: https://sxmo.org/support/

## Sway or DWM

With the release of Swmo, we will be making sway the default window
manager in sxmo. However, dwm will still be supported and can be
installed with `apk add postmarketos-ui-sxmo-dwm`. This command will
install dwm dependencies and drop sway ones. You also can install both
(`apk add postmarketos-ui-sxmo-dwm postmarketos-ui-sxmo-sway`) and
toggle between them using the config dedicated menu.

Sway will allow Sxmo to support many new use cases. For example, the
keyboard touch input is much better on wayland, our new wayland keyboard
(wvkbd) offers a snappier experience than the Xorg keyboard (svkbd), the
android emulator waydroid requires wayland, the megapixels camera app
has better performance under wayland due to a gtk4 bug on Xorg, video
playback and firefox is smoother. As such, we recommend all users to
atleast try out Swmo.

The overall project will retain the name Sxmo, it's just that the X no
longer refers only to Xorg as it used to; you may use your own free
interpretation to interpret the X (eXtensible, eXcellent, eXperimental,

## Screenlock rework

This release also brings a big change to the screenlock behavior. Some
of the hardware button action has been changed so we recommend you to
read the documentation!

Basically, we now manage the screen lock state with only the power
button. The power button will allow the user to cycle through the
states. Doing nothing while locked/off will move sxmo to a deeper state.
This behaviour replicates other common smartphone operating system's
behaviour on locking.

## MMS support

Thanks to ~wart, sxmo now support mms sending/receiving and group chats.
After writing your sms, you can add attachments and recipients.

To use mms features, you will need to correctly configure mmsd-tng. A
new config menu will help you on this configuration. We still lack some
feedback from the mmsd daemon and it's still painful to configure
correctly (and to know what is wrongly configured). Please consult Sxmo
documentation, mmsd daemon documentation, and irc channels. Hopefully
we can improve this experience for the wider linux phone community.

## Commit Statistics

Beside of all those major, tons of minor features and fixes have been
merged. Thanks to everyone that helped someone in irc, filed a bug, sent
a patch, or helped out in any other way!


`git shortlog -s --no-merges 1.5.3..HEAD`

     4  Anjandev Momi
     2  Avalon Woodard
     2  Danct12
    10  Maarten van Gompel
     1  Nathaniel Barragan
    22  Peter John Hartman
    52  Stacy Harper
     2  Zach DeCook


`git shortlog -s --no-merges origin/master..devel/develop`

     2  Anjandev Momi
     7  Maarten van Gompel
     3  Peter John Hartman
    15  Stacy Harper

Sxmo relies on many other upstream projects to be what it is today. This
release would not have been possible without the entire FOSS community,
and particulary the postmarketOS team who have simplified installing to
devices and other distro maintainence work.

Best wishes and Enjoy!

~anjan, ~proycon, ~stacyharper
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Hi all,

If you're on postmarketOS edge, please hold on upgrading for a bit until
postmarketos-ui-sxmo-1.6.0-r1 (rather than
postmarketos-ui-sxmo-1.6.0-r0) is available (you can check at
http://mirror.postmarketos.org/postmarketos/master/aarch64/). The
current upgrade might deinstall a bit too much. (I had to manually sudo
apk add clickclack sxmo-bemenu sxmo ,  and some small packages like: w3m

Note that upgrading will switch the default sxmo to wayland, so it might uninstall
various X related packages. If you want sxmo with dwm available as well you will need to:
sudo apk add postmarketos-ui-sxmo-dwm


Maarten van Gompel (proycon)
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Hello again !

We encountered an issue with the building of the PostmarketOs packages.
We had to fallback to a simplest way so some of the release information
are outdated.

So we still got one unique package "postmarketos-ui-sxmo" that install
both dependency for the dwm and sway environment. By default this
package will setup the sway session. You still can toggle between
session using the config entry.

We'll continue to work on those recipes to simplify and make the
packages lighter.

For the impatient of you that tried to upgrade just after the release
mail and who broke their system, you will be able to upgrade again
and restore missing dependencies in some times.
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<20211112190834.byrzjs7ozunvxcic@worker.anaproy.lxd> (view parent)
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Hello there,

We re-prepared a new recipe and made it to works as expected.

So we now got two ui recipes :

- postmarketos-ui-sxmo-de-sway
- postmarketos-ui-sxmo-de-dwm

Both of them provide the old package named postmarketos-ui-sxmo.

Some minors action still are needed for this Sway update :



doas apk upgrade -a
doas usermod -G seat -a $USER
doas apk del feh megapixels-gtk3 xcalc
doas apk add imv megapixels
doas reboot

See ya !
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