Sxmo 0.1.7 Release: Maps/GPS context-menu, Contacts support, Call windowify, bug fixes

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Hi all - I've just rolled a new release for Sxmo, 0.1.7, based on the current
state of the Alpine repository. You'll see sxmo-utils, sxmo-dwm, and 
sxmo-dmenu have been bumped since the last release if you're updating
an existing system.

The recent major effort on my end lately has been on getting good 
out-of-the-box GPS/Maps functionality baked into Sxmo. As such, the context 
menu of foxtrotgps has been vastly improved such that you can now: copy 
coordinates to the clipboard, paste coordinates, pick from preselected 
locations, drop pins, search the area your looking at for coffeshops etc., 
locate yourself (via geoclue), change map types, and more! Also I've added a 
top level entry for Maps which launches foxtrotgps.

Other than that I finally got around to reviewing the work from ~anjan on the
contacts script and have that merged. So we also now have contacts support via
a TSV file. And finally, one other nice change is that there's a new option to
'windowify' during calls which lets you continue to be on a call and do
other things on the system (by turning the call dmenu into a window - e.g.
which ignores button presses but still works with taps). Things are shaping up 
as a daily driver.

Annotated Summary of changes:
- Greatly improve context-menu for foxtrotgps, allowing for:
  - Copying coordinates
  - Pasting coordinates
  - Focus on location selected from dmenu list
  - Drop a pin on current center location
  - Search points-of-interest in current viewport via nominatim
  - Get building, street, and region information of viewport location
  - Change map type (OSM, OpenCycleMap, GoogleMaps etc.)
  - Locate the user via Geoclue
- Add contacts support based on work from ~anjan and some more changes
  - Create a tsv in ~/.sxmo/contacts.tsv (contactnumber <TAB> contactname)
  - And then contact name automatically appear when dialing/texting
  - Also incoming calls will show the contact's name instead of their number
- Disabled one-finger lisgd gestures while using foxtrotgps
- Add windowify CLI flag for dmenu
- Allow the user to windowify dmenu in calls
- Implement screenlock in calls which kicks into windowify as well
- Add Reddit Script based on codemadness-frontends reddit-cli
- Greatly cleanup calling logic - e.g. script always makes sure
  to hangup on exit and kill signals are handled properly now
- Add in-call duration timer to the top bar (in seconds)
- Move in-call hangup monitoring logic to call script (so now
  the modem monitor doesn't need to be running to get hangup events
  during a call)
- Allow for customization of recording directory via env var
- Add loopback device & pipe audio through loopback for alsa configuration
- Various minor bugfixes

Sxmo 0.1.7 Image is at our releases page at:

Or update via:
apk update && apk upgrade

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