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Hello everyone ! 
We just released sxmo 1.8.0. It should be available to postmarketOS 
edge users very soon. Run the following commands to upgrade:
``apk update && apk upgrade -a`` 
This release brings a lot of changes to sxmo configuration files and 
hooks. Leaving your old configs can cause many issues so we recommend 
you run `sxmo_migrate.sh` as soon as you upgrade. For this release, we 
also suggest running `cp ~/.config/sxmo ~/.config/sxmo.old` to keep a
This release brings multiple refactorisations to make sxmo cleaner 
and more reliable: 
- We avoid leaving dangling processes and instead manage them 
using a safer/simplier method 
- We compute the status bar in a more efficient way. We also offer 
better controls to add/change/remove status bar components. 
- We changed the way we initialise sxmo and detect existing 
sessions from ssh or. Ssh into a running sxmo device and you'll
have dbus and other needed environment variables set up by
- LED management is now more reliable. We can invoke the LEDs from 
anywhere at anytime and keep a consistent state. We reserve long 
running leds for notifications. The long purple light for "screen off" 
mode or the long red one for "crust" (suspend) mode have been removed. 
The new periodic blinking purple light while in "screen off" mode is 
enough to indicate that the device did not enter crust. 
Known issue: It can happen that you enter crust while the purple 
led is blinking. You may experience long running purple while on crust 
cause of this race condition. We will rework some parts to avoid 
crusting while some actions are running. 
- The bluetooth menu has been rewritten from scratch. It looks better 
and allows for a more granular control on devices. It also offers a 
"Clean reconnect" entry to fully remove and reconnect a device if 
you are having issues connecting.
- Sxmo is now more pulseaudio/pipewire compatible. If you run pipewire
for  example, then the Audio menu or the volume gesture should work
better.  However, pipewire and pulseaudio are still NOT used for call
audio routing.

See: https://todo.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-tickets/436
- The sxmo log file has been removed. We now rely on tinydm to log 
everything to ~/.local/state/tinydm.log 
- We now use the virtual keyboard to send dtfm tone keys on calls.

- if you experienced the losing touch issue, it is now fixed by sway
1.7. This release will be backported to the next pmOs release pack in
some weeks.

See: https://todo.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-tickets/451

- Users can now use a more modular version of sxmo_common.sh in their
userscripts. For example, you can use `sxmo_icons.sh` to enable icons
in your script or  `sxmo_common.sh` set XDG vars and force using
scripts with busybox coreutils. This change minor changes in some
See: https://git.sr.ht/~anjan/sxmo-userscripts/commit/5e559d85102b3cba1c7800bddf4e6a430f4918b5
Some other commits of interest : 
- Refresh wayout/conky on screen lock/unlock 
- Add WM menu and move sxmo_sws functionality there 
- Add indicators for the Pinephone and the keyboard addon 
- Password is not required to restart bluetoothd via the Bluetooth menu
- modemmonitor.sh: added hooks for state changes 
- Remove checkmodem() and change modem_n 
- Add sxmo_log and sxmo_debug functions 
- Cleanup profile.d/sxmo_init.sh 
- sxmo_modemdial: refactor 
- Allow to disable idle or auto suspension 
- Avoid broken state with dmenu on dwm 
- Allow vvm to show up in contact list. 
- Prevent foot from making its own scaling decisions 
- sxmo_networks.sh addnetworkgsmmenu: add support for username/password 
- Gesture to open the editor bellow sms conversation 
- Remove wrong and useless number checking before starting the call 
- Remove go to lock when waking up from usb power 
- configs/sway: Add volume buttons of OnePlus 6 
- TERMCMD: allow user to specify arguments as TERMCMD 
- Use shm based folded as XDG_RUNTIME_DIR 
Please consult the git log of sxmo-utils for all the details. 
sxmo-utils: `git shortlog -s --no-merges 1.7.1..1.8.0` 

     2  Anjandev Momi
     4  ArenM
     1  Hans-Christoph Deeken
     1  Hugo Martinet
     2  Jan Wagemakers
     3  Maarten van Gompel
     1  Pekka Kärkkäinen
    40  Peter John Hartman
    46  Stacy Harper
    11  Zach DeCook
     1  khimaros
     1  laalsaas
     1  noneofyourbusiness
See ya ! 
Stacy Harper, Anjandev Momi, Maarten van Gompel
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