Sxmo 0.1.8 Release: CRUST Deep Sleep, Keyboard Improvements, Weather Script, and Bugfixes

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Hi all - I'm excited to announce the release of a new Sxmo image, 0.1.8.
Also the Alpine repository has been updated with new packages versions for
sxmo-utils 1.1.8, sxmo-dwm 6.2.8, sxmo-surf 2.0.3, and sxmo-svkbd 1.0.5.

The major change since the last release is that now Sxmo supports CRUST
deep sleep out of the box. This means you can now put your Pinephone into
a new sleep mode which lets you achieve battery life many multiples of
normal standby time. Other than that, another exciting update in this
release is that the included keyboard looks alot less ugly and is vastly
more usable by way of Xft support implemented by Maarten van Gompel. And
one more thing to note is that the Weather script has been reworked to
show an hourly forecast displayed in a pretty table - that was fun to make.
There are more various usability and bugfixes as well that have been applied
described below and the full list of changes is available at our changelog.
Thanks to everyone who contributed and helped with testing.

Annotated Summary of Changes:
- Support deep sleep (CRUST) in the screenlock program
  - Allows toggling between screen off / screen on / and suspend now
  - See updated documentation - https://git.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-docs/tree/master/USERGUIDE.md#strongscreen-lockstrong
  - Added user-customizable suspend/unsuspend hooks & CLI flags for jumping to modes (thanks ~proycon)
- Added Xft support to svkbd (thanks ~proycon)
  - Keyboard is also now user-customizable via $KEYBOARD
- Added user-customizable ring hook (thanks ~Dmytro)
- Implemented pretty hourly weather forecast in Weather script
- Allow user to enable/disable fetching in RSS script
- Allow opening multiple items from RSS/Reddit scripts
- Added power menu to allow hibernate/logout/power off/reboot (thanks ~jpsamaroo)
- Added context-menus for CLI/Curses applications like vim, very cool! (thanks ~proycon)
- Surf improvements including searching by keyword in navigate prompt & fixing link select (thanks ~singpolyma)
- Allow texting over SSH (thanks ~anjan)
- Images created from CI automatically resize to full SD card size (starting with 0.1.8)
- Youtube script should be working again consistently
- Support setting user-customizable ENV variables like $BROWSER, $TERM, $KEYBOARD directly in the user's xinitrc
- Status bar properly updates on plugging/unplugging charger via udev rule
- Various bugfixes and other minor improvements (see full changelog at: https://git.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-docs/tree/master/CHANGELOG.md)

The new image for Sxmo 0.1.8 is available at our image releases page at:

Or if you're running an existing system, you can update with:
apk update && apk upgrade

Also note, if you want to update u-boot to enable CRUST to take effect, you must run:

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