PostmarketOS v21.12 Released

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Hi all,

PostmarketOS v21.12 has just been released with Sxmo 1.6.1 (wayland+mms
support). This is the branch of PostmarketOS that is recommended if you
are daily driving Sxmo on the pinephone.

You can read the full notes from the postmarketOS team here:


Before you upgrade, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. If you want to upgrade from v21.06, please follow the notes here:


2. After upgrading, make sure you run the sxmo_migrate.sh script. This
script will upgrade your configs for the latest release but it won't
make any changes unless you let it.

3. The documentation for stable release has been updated and is
available here:


4. There is a new postmarketos-ui-sxmo-bluetooth package that will
automatically install and configure pipewire, wireplumber, and
bluetooth. Pipewire support is still in works and is being discussed:


You can change the route from most program's audio to your bluetooth
speakers and headphones via pulsemixer. However, even after installing
this package, audio routing for calls is still done through megi's c
program and you cannot change audio call routing via pulsemixer.

5. Service packs for pmOS should be released every month from now on.
This means, the maximum time an Sxmo, megapixels, new kernels, etc. will
be in edge before it is available to users in the latest postmarketOS stable should
be less than a month.

The Sxmo 1.6.1 release that ships with postmarketOS v21.12 comes with a
few fixes from 1.6.0:

* Allow 'escp' to cancel notifmenu
* Fix height / width of dmenu in dwm so it doesnt overlap with numbers on keyboard
* unset mpv default bindings for volume keys
* Added a more subtle keytap audio clip for clickclack (opt-in)
* Move modem stuff to can_suspend
* fixed doas order
* let users use doas like they use sudo (ask for pw), needed for sxmo_upgrade.sh and elsewhere
* Suspend should off then crust, not lock then crust.
* Move active ssh into the can_suspend hooks
* Ensure we reset the sway mode on script crashes

A 1.7.0 release will be available in postmarketOS edge later this week.

Special thanks to the postmarketOS team for supporting Sxmo and all the
contributors to Sxmo! Sxmo made massive progress in 2021 and Im excited
to see what it will turn into come December 2022!

Best wishes and happy holidays! 
Anjandev Momi
w:] www.momi.ca
pgp:] https://momi.ca/publickey.txt
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