sxmo-utils 1.1.11 Release: audio fix for 5.9 kernel, and dialer/text/notifications fixed

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Hello Everyone!

After a long hiatus, sxmo is back with a new release! The new release
should be in postmarketos' repositories soon - a pull request has been


This is a smaller release because the community thought it was
best that audio calls and audio be fixed as soon as possible. As such,
this release only has changes to the sxmo-utils repository.
Miles also added a new sxmo_networks.sh script to enable/disable mobile
data and wifi easily. Additionally, this release fixes contacts not
appearing in the dialer, text, and notification applications.

Summary of Changes:

Reed Wade : Add automatic shellchecks with CI
Anjandev Momi : update megiaudioroute.c for 5.9 kernel
Sam Bowlby : fixed renamed alsa controls
Miles Alan : Add sxmo_networks.sh script to manage nmcli connections
Miles Alan : Don't source /etc/profile & $HOME/.profile if nonexistant in xinit
Miles Alan : Add sxmo_vibratepine to programs list for Makefile
Maarten van Gompel : also source ~/.profile when looking for envvars
Serge E. Hallyn : Makefile: be a little more conventional
Serge E. Hallyn : screenlock: set max field width for sprintf
Serge E. Hallyn : Enable irq wakeups
Anjandev Momi : modemmonitor: fixed no contact name displayed in notifications and new folders without +
Miles Alan : Don't delete leading + from incoming calls in sxmo_modemmonitor.sh

Thank you to everyone who contributed!

We are looking to have postmarketos generate our images and as such,
prebaked images are not currently available for this release. Please use
pmbootstrap to flash your phone with the latest sxmo.

If you're running an existing system, you can update with:
apk update && apk upgrade

The community has still been very active during the hiatus and there is
a large backlog of patches that the maintainers have to go through. The
1.2.0 release will be a large one with many long awaited features =).

Take care,
Anjan Momi
w:] www.momi.ca
pgp:] https://momi.ca/publickey.txt
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