Sxmo 1.13.0 released

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Hi all!

We have just released Sxmo 1.13.0. It will be available to postmarketOS
edge users soon. If you are on postmarketOS edge, run `sxmo_upgrade.sh`
(preferably via ssh) to upgrade to the latest release. After the
upgrade, we recommend a reboot.

As always, remember to run `$ sxmo_migrate.sh` after the reboot to
sync your configs to the latest release. For more info on the
configversion and `$ sxmo_migrate.sh` see the docs:


Please hop on irc if you have any issues:


This release has bug fixes and quality of life improvements.
Let's go over some highlights!

# Sxmo pn fork: pnc

pn is used in Sxmo for phone number validation, formatting, and
information. However, Orange-OpenSource/pn is now unmaintained and

For this release, we replaced pn with an Sxmo maintained project called
pnc (pn continued). The latest release of pnc implements tests, fixes
manpage install paths, and fixes typos. The fork (pnc) will ensure that
issues with this core component are fixed going forward.

# Device support

- Add device profile for 'samsung,a3u-eur'
- polaris (Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S): add device profile
- fix screen rotation on some devices
- Fix scale for samsung,gt510
- Fix volume keys for lge,hammerhead
- Increase scale for fajita and enchilada
- Fix monitor for fajita

## Pulseaudio support

SDM845 devices require pulseaudio support. As such, Sxmo now supports
the pipewire stack and pulseaudio. If pulseaudio is installed, Sxmo
will use pulseaudio instead of pipewire.

Relevant postmarketOS issues:

# Other highlights

- improve detection of active app_id and title for xwayland apps
- removed more bashisms
- improved compatibility with dash
- Make sure there is a cron job to run before blocking suspend
- sxmo_timer.sh: added stopwatch function
- modem audio: don't mute mic at call end
- networkmonitor: handle unavailable state and log unknown states
- Add contextual menu on missed call window to call or sms back
- Use superd for modemmonitor
- Fixed regression with texting multiple numbers

# Other Release

- lisgd 0.3.7

Thank you to upstream projects, contributors, bug reporters, distro
packagers, and people that help new users on irc.

Anjandev Momi, Stacy Harper, Peter John Hartman, Maarten van Gompel
w:] www.momi.ca
pgp:] https://momi.ca/publickey.txt
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