postmarketOS Release: v21.06

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Hello everyone!

This is just a quick email to notify everyone that postmarketOS stable
release v21.06 was just released:


Keep in mind that the community/ repository on Alpine Linux is only
supported for one release. As such, if you use any packages from the
community repo, it is recommended you upgrade to the latest release of
postmarketOS which tracks the latest Alpine release.

Feel free to join us in #sxmo on OFTC irc if you have any issues.

Regarding the next release of sxmo, it will be available as a service
pack for v21.06 and in Alpine edge. If you are daily
driving sxmo, we recommend using postmarketOS's stable channel. Of
course users living on the bleeding edge running the latest git head and
Alpine edge are super helpful to testing the project =).

Take care,
w:] www.momi.ca
pgp:] https://momi.ca/publickey.txt
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