Sxmo 1.11.1 released

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Hi yall,

We found a problem with Sxmo 1.11.0 - bonsai uses the hare programming
language and hare is not packaged yet for 32-bit architectures. After
discussing with the postmarketOS maintainers, it seems that a lot of
people use Sxmo with 32-bit architecture phones. As such, we never
packaged 1.11.0 in postmarketOS/Alpine.

With our newest release, Sxmo 1.11.1, if bonsai is not installed (ie.
the distro has not packaged it and/or the architecture does not support
hare), we will be using our legacy multikey script. This script is not
maintainable, has a number of bugs, and is henceforth not debugged by
the core sxmo maintainers.

Long term, the solution is to bring hare programming language to 32-bit
architecture systems. Specifically, someone needs to add support to qbe
for 32-bit architectures. Adding 32-bit support to hare is on the hare
roadmap but no one has volunteered to write it (for now). If you want to
learn more about compilers and help, please see:


The 1.11.1 release also has the following changes:

- Added device support for Xiaomi Redmi 2
- Changed sxmo_hook_presuspend.sh to kill mpv with -INT so it will save
where you are located
- enable colour in sway bar and colour some important labels to make them
more noticeable

Please remember to run sxmo_migrate.sh and review the release notes for


Sxmo-utils 1.11.1 and the updated postmarketOS ui that installs all the
new dependancies should be available to postmarketOS edge users soon.

For support with this release, please engage with the community:


Until next time,

Anjandev Momi, Stacy Harper, Peter John Hartman, Maarten van Gompel
w:] www.momi.ca
pgp:] https://momi.ca/publickey.txt
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