Sxmo 1.11.0 released

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Hi all!

We have just released Sxmo 1.11.0. It will be available to postmarketOS
edge users soon. If you are on postmarketOS edge, run `sxmo_upgrade.sh`
to upgrade to the latest release. After the upgrade we recommend a

As always, remember to run `$ sxmo_migrate.sh` after the reboot to
sync your configs to the latest release. For more info on the
configversion and `$ sxmo_migrate.sh` see the docs:


Please hop on irc if you have any issues:


Let's go over what's new!

# Bonsai

For sway version of sxmo, we now use bonsai to handle multikey:


Bonsai is written in hare and allowed us to remove a lot of the
difficult to debug sway multikey scripts in sxmo-utils. The dwm version
of sxmo already has multikey built in and does not need bonsai.

# Device profiles

With our last release, we now require more manual configuration when
using Sxmo on a new device that has not been commit to sxmo-utils.
This change allowed us to support more devices and the process has been
documented here:


The documentation still needs improvement and can trip up new users
- please provide feedback via patches on how we can improve these docs.
Please see https://sxmo.org/support/ if you need help adding your

We have added explicit support for the following devices:

- Oneplus 6/6T
- Pocophone f1
- Samsung Galaxy S III
- samsung-gt510

We have also improved pinephone pro support.

# Better superd support

We have made sxmo-utils work better with superd with some minor tweaks.
Additionally, craftyguy just released superd 0.6 which should make
superd work even better with Sxmo.

Thank you Clayton for supporting Sxmo and writing such a great program!
Please note, Sxmo 1.11.0 includes the fix mentioned in this
email advisory:


Please remember to run `$ sxmo_migrate.sh` and apply the suggested
changes to your config.

# Ring profiles

The audio dedicated menu now allow you to switch between three ringing
mode (Ring & Vibrate, Vibrate, Ring and Muted). Sxmo also toggles to
Ring mode by itself while a call is ongoing.

# Other changes

We have fixed minor typos in scripts, added support for more distros,
and added new tests. Please look at the sxmo-utils git log for other
minor changes:


# Future Plans

It seems sxmo-utils is slowing down and we see this as a good thing.
Sxmo is maturing and we are past the prototyping phase. Rather than
putting everything in `sxmo-utils`, we are now making smaller and self-
contained programs to do things that we previously did in sxmo-utils
(see: bonsai and superd).

# Other Project releases

- wvkbd v0.10: new `-l` flag to print the list of available layers
- lisgd 0.3.5 : fix manpage typo

# Stable postmarketOS

Notably, bonsai support will not be included in postmarketOS stable
v22.06 and stable users will have to wait until the next stable release
of postmarketOS to try bonsai. The other fixes in this release will be
included in postmarketOS service pack 3. The release of Sxmo for service
pack 3 will be version 1.10.0.

Thank you to upstream projects, contributors, bug reporters, distro
packagers, and people that help new users on irc.

Anjandev Momi, Stacy Harper, Peter John Hartman, Maarten van Gompel
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