Sxmo 1.14.0 released

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Hey everyone!

We just released Sxmo 1.14.0. As usual, it should land on Alpine
and postmarketOS repositories soon. If you are on postmarketOS edge,
run `sxmo_upgrade.sh` to upgrade to the latest release!
After the upgrade, we recommend a reboot.

As always, remember to run `$ sxmo_migrate.sh` after the reboot to
sync your configs to the latest release. For more info on the
configversion and `$ sxmo_migrate.sh` see the docs:

=> https://man.sr.ht/~anjan/sxmo-docs/USERGUIDE.md#strongupdate-migrationsstrong

Please hop on irc if you have any issues:

=> https://sxmo.org/support/

This release makes many changes in important parts of Sxmo.
Let's cover the most important topics:

# Auto-suspension overhaul

Sxmo suspension now relies on kernel wakelocks instead of our manual
"mutex" management to determine when it can suspend. Willow detailed
this in a blog post she wrote a month ago:

=> https://blog.missbanal.net/status-update-2023-02/
> Sxmo suspension overhaul

We expect this change to make Sxmo more robust and lighter.
With the previous behavior, some users reported that they found
their device still awake in their pocket and we hope this is now fixed.

# Move to sxmobar to manage status bar components

Previously we were using a shell script to manage status
bar elements. Then we added pango markups to stylize the statusbar.
With the shell script, the displayed line wasn't readable outside of
dwm or sway bars. Now with sxmobar, we can manage components,
content, color, and style, while still being able to display the 
full bar as plain text, tty, or pango, all at the same time!

See the git repo for more details: 
=> https://git.sr.ht/~stacyharper/sxmobar # TODOME Add a README

# Status bar icons overhaul

With the most recent version of Nerd Fonts, we improved and changed
some icons we use. Say goodbye to the thermometer that displayed the
modem signal! The new statusbar default is shorter and cleaner, while
giving the same level of detail.

If you struggle with fonts, be sure your configs are up to date, and 
that your bars and menus use nerd fonts correctly. We added a "Sxmo"
font alias that should match "DejaVu Sans Mono Nerd Font" by default.
You can change this by editing ".config/fontconfig/conf.d/50-sxmo.conf"

# Rewrite of MMS and logging

MMS and SMS were logging entries slightly differently, so we rewrote our
logging code (how it writes to sms.txt), and we introduced the ability
for a user to change the look-and-feel of the logfile and
of how the logfile is post-processed. We now use colors, for instance,
to distinguish sender and receiver, and handle group texts much better.
In the process, we also rewrote all of the MMS code to be more reliable.

# Tons of bug fixes

We hope we finally fixed "stuck leds", inconsistent state switches,
phone call unreliability, and many many other things.

With this announcement, we would like to thanks all the hackers that
play with Sxmo. We are always very impressed by the community chilling
on #sxmo, and the helpfullness of this community.

Willow Barraco, Anjandev Momi, Peter John Hartman, Maarten van Gompel
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