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Hi all,

The virtual keyboard used by sxmo had received some significant updates
in last two months. We're happy to release it as v0.14 now. It should land in
postmarketOS edge later today.

Release notes:

[Maarten van Gompel]
* Revised various layouts
    * the `full` layout squeezes less keys in a row
    * the `landscape` layout was revised
    * added a dedicated symbols layout for landscape mode: `landscapespecial`
    * the tiny keys on the `simple` layout are removed
    * more consistency between layouts (relative row placement, key locations)
    * changed default font to Sans instead of Mono
    * changed some icons
* More consistent compose behaviour across layouts
* Compose layouts can be dismissed with a simple click/tap now
* Scroll wheel switches layers (as opposed to crashing as it did before)
* Added a layout index to quickly switch layouts (activate with cmp + space or cmp + keyboard)
     * Reduced the number of layers enabled by default, no need to cycle through all available layouts anymore. Users are encouraged to set their preferred layers via parameters or environment variables.
* Added hebrew layout (in collaboration with Shimon Jeduhah)
* Documentation update

* Support multiple outputs; start on currently active output
* fixed wayland seat_handle_capabilities

[Willow Barraco]
* Support for wayland fractional-scale-v1
* Crop text outside of keys
* Added a popup to display pressed keys
* Add --alpha parameter to configure transparency; disabled transparency by default
* Cleanup in some layouts
* Added non-breaking space (espace fine ins├ęcable) to compose layout for punctuation
* Updated wayland protocols
* Code formatting covnentions

[Zach De Cook]
* Added comma to simple layout
* Added specialpad layout
* Bugfix in layer switching


Maarten van Gompel (proycon)

web: https://proycon.anaproy.nl
gpg: 0x39FE11201A31555C
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