Sxmo 1.16.1 released

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Hello world o/

This release is smaller than the last one. I've focused more on tiny
improvements in Sxmo's suspension control, and providing the user with
more internal scripts for control.

For example: here is a single command line to wake the device up every 5
minutes to play a sound, and to keep the device awake while doing so:

$ sxmo_run_periodically.sh -c boottime_alarm 300 sxmo_wakelock.sh run mpv sounds/a_sound.wav

As usual, the community did a lot to detect and to fix bugs, promote
new programs, and to help each-other. Thanks for all!

We also note new initial support for Pine Tab 2, and for Redmi Note 4,
thanks to two new contributors.

As always, remember to run `$ sxmo_migrate.sh` after the reboot to
sync your configs to the latest release. For more info on the
configversion and `$ sxmo_migrate.sh` see the docs:

=> https://man.sr.ht/~anjan/sxmo-docs/USERGUIDE.md#strongupdate-migrationsstrong

Please hop on IRC if you have any issues:

=> https://sxmo.org/support/

Also, here are some contributor stats from git. Please see the git log
for all changes:

Author              Commits  Changed Files  Insertions  Deletions
Willow Barraco           33             72        +373       -211
hazardchem                9             20         +99        -19
Sicelo A. Mhlongo         5              6         +67        -25
Aren Moynihan             4              5         +64        -54
Maarten van Gompel        4              4         +17        -15
magdesign                 4              4         +38         -1
Real Root                 2              2          +5         +0
Caio Barros               1              2         +16         +0
Joshua Murphy             1              1          +1         -1
Patriot-06                1              1          +9         +0
Timotej Lazar             1              1          +1         +0

Willow Barraco, Anjandev Momi, Peter John Hartman,
Maarten van Gompel, Aren Moynihan
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