Sxmo 0.1.4 Release: Inadvertent gestures bug with lisgd resolved

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Ok this one's going to be short; I wasn't planning on this release but there
was a really awful bug with lisgd I found where by default anytime lisgd
started up, a LR gesture was recognized. This was really awful and annoying
so I've updated lisgd to 0.0.3 to fix this and rolled a new image, 0.1.4.

Other than that, no major changes in this release. But some good news is that
pretty much all of the dependency packages for Sxmo are now in alpine (sfeed,
codemadness-frontends, foxtrotgps, etc.) So things are in a pretty good
position now to start planning on the move of the APKBUILDs for Sxmo themselves
to move to pmOS.

Changelog is at:

Update an existing system as usual with: apk update && apk upgrade

New Image 0.1.4 image is at:

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