Sxmo 0.1.3 Release: Audio menu, dmenu improvements, screenlock bugfix, hiding X pointer

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Hi all,

I've rolled a new release image (0.1.3) for Sxmo which mirrors the current
state of the alpine repository. A number of seemingly minor, but important
fixes and a few new features are included.

Here are the highlights of changes for the 0.1.3 image (since 0.1.2):
- The bug with gestures being recognized in the screenlock mode is resolved
- Notifications (vol/dim) were reworked to use dunst and look a lot less ugly
- Dmenu can now handle overflowing input text (e.g. the text will autoscroll)
- Dmenu now only shows a single number if the numerator/denomater are equal
- New audio menu to control output device was added (thanks lightship)
- The pointer in X is now hidden by default (thanks saba)
- Screen rotation menu option now actually works for touch input
- There's a new script to change your timezone in the config menu
- Other various minor bugfixes

Images are available at:

I've also implemented an automatic changelog generator to aggregate the changes
across all subprojects and image releases. You can see the changelog at:

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