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We are migrating and cleaning up most of our packages from Alpine Linux
and PostmarketOS.

From a PostmarketOs point of view:

Having one, or multiple of the following package is enough for most use

- postmarketos-ui-sxmo
- postmarketos-ui-sxmo-de-sway
- postmarketos-ui-sxmo-de-dwm

Adding this package is enough to use the Pulseaudio backend instead of

- sxmo-utils-audio-pulseaudio

The package sxmo-common-qt_tweaks has been moved to
postmarketos-base-ui-qt-tweaks, and it doesn't install by itself now.
Install this explicitly if you notice a change in how Qt programs behave
in your device.

Now the PostmarketOs Sxmo installation include by default the bluetooth
setup. You don't have to install a different bluetooth package
explicitly if you switch to Pulseaudio. Apk should switch the related
bluetooth audio package by itself.

Now, if you are not a PostmarketOs user, but an Alpine Linux user, here
some more general instructions:

To install Sxmo on an Alpine Linux environment, you now just have to
`apk add sxmo-utils-common`

It install sxmo-utils and every dependency to have a fully working Sway
+ Pipewire environment.

Add sxmo-utils-audio-pulseaudio to switch from Pipewire to Pulseaudio.

Add sxmo-utils-dwm to switch from Sway to Dwm.

Add sxmo-utils-audio-bluetooth to be able to play music over your
bluetooth audio speakers.

Feels free to ask question here, or on #sxmo on oftc.net, if you need

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