Sxmo 0.1.2 Release: st selection capability, dwm bar toggle & fakefullscreen, and sxmo-utils fixes

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Thanks to everyone who tested out the initial 0.1.0 and 0.1.1 releases.
Appreciate all the feedback.

I'm just sending this out as a notification that I've rolled a new image for
Sxmo - version 0.1.2 (memorial day edition :). I skipped a notification for
0.1.1 since it was very minor (just bugfixes and one new script - Web Search
via DDG). But going forward I'm going to try to be more explicit on what's
changed. I want to setup some automatic changelog generator for all the
repositories but it's not there yet.. so until then I'll post the
changelog's in these emails. Do note these update messages are just the
annotated tag messages for the versioned releases (so feel free to browse
on git if that's easier too):

Sxmo 0.1.1 Updates:
  sxmo-utils 1.0.9 -> 1.1.0:
    Add websearch script; add xcalc to apps menu; fix minor bugs & add errchecks

Sxmo 0.1.2 Updates:
  sxmo-dwm 6.2.4 -> 6.2.5:
    Add fakefullscreen patch
  sxmo-st: ->
    Allow selmode to be toggled w/ Ctl-Sft-S, set atom for selmode, and nop selsnap
  sxmo-utils 1.1.0 -> 1.1.1:
    Adds selmode for st menu entry, dwm bar toggle; bugs fixes: camera err msg & ring call logging

Main thing to take note of is now you can do selections in st for copying
(in a way that doesn't interfere with lisgd by making selections toggleable)
and we can also toggle the bar from the config dmenu.

If you're already running from a pre-existing Sxmo image or already have
our alpine repository setup, to upgrade you can run `apk upgrade`.

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