sxmo-utils: Rework the incoming call pickup/discard behavior v8 SUPERSEDED

Stacy Harper: 1
 Rework the incoming call pickup/discard behavior

 6 files changed, 157 insertions(+), 50 deletions(-)
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[PATCH sxmo-utils v8] Rework the incoming call pickup/discard behavior Export this patch

* The sxmo_modemmonitor.sh will now run a new sxmo_modemcall.sh
dedicated menu to Pickup, Hangup or Mute the call. It will not write
notifications anymore.

* We now can mute the ring with the new pickup menu. With the default
hook, this will stop the ringtone like the missed_call would do.

* The sxmo_modemcall.sh now use a new sxmo_proximitylock.sh which
will lock the screen when putting the phone in front of the ear. This
script should be smart enough to work smoothly with a crust context.

To achieve this, the proximity_lock will only disable the initial
lock (the one who want to go back in crust after some seconds) if the
phone moved a little bit and is not in your pocket. So forgetting the
phone in a table or not earing the ring in your bag will not empty the
battery. You'll find the phone in crust with notifications.

* The sxmo_modemcall.sh do not monitor finished calls anymore. We leave
it with hangup or being killed by sxmo_modemmonitor.sh. This simplify
the call script and prevent double deleting mmcli calls. I had to use
pids and wait commands to fix and issue and make the script killeable
by the monitor.

Plus, only the monitor will now delete calls. The call script should be
precise on what happen using cached files.

* Discarded and hanged up calls are two different behavior with
different script (by default use the same linked ones)

* Fixed a bug where sometime ringing was started twice. I think this is
cause by the new checkforincomingcalls in the connected state change. We
now use a file to test if the call already has been managed.

Signed-off-by: Stacy Harper <contact@stacyharper.net>
configs/default_hooks/discard      |  5 ++
configs/default_hooks/mute_ring    |  5 ++
scripts/core/sxmo_movement.sh      | 18 ++++++
scripts/core/sxmo_proximitylock.sh | 40 ++++++++++++
scripts/modem/sxmo_modemcall.sh    | 98 ++++++++++++++++++++----------
scripts/modem/sxmo_modemmonitor.sh | 41 +++++++------
6 files changed, 157 insertions(+), 50 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 configs/default_hooks/discard
create mode 100644 configs/default_hooks/mute_ring
create mode 100644 scripts/core/sxmo_movement.sh
create mode 100644 scripts/core/sxmo_proximitylock.sh

diff --git a/configs/default_hooks/discard b/configs/default_hooks/discard
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..a8307c1
--- /dev/null
+++ b/configs/default_hooks/discard
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
#!/usr/bin/env sh

# This script is executed (asynchronously) when you discard an incoming call

exec "$(dirname "$0")/missed_call" "$@"
diff --git a/configs/default_hooks/mute_ring b/configs/default_hooks/mute_ring
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..85eb49f
--- /dev/null
+++ b/configs/default_hooks/mute_ring
@@ -0,0 +1,5 @@
#!/usr/bin/env sh

# This script is executed (asynchronously) when you mute an incoming call

exec "$(dirname "$0")/missed_call" "$@"
diff --git a/scripts/core/sxmo_movement.sh b/scripts/core/sxmo_movement.sh
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..bbebe4c
--- /dev/null
+++ b/scripts/core/sxmo_movement.sh
@@ -0,0 +1,18 @@
#!/usr/bin/env sh

anglx() {
	cat /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device2/in_anglvel_x_raw

waitmovement() {
	while true; do
		movement="$(echo "$initialpos" - "$pos" | bc)"
		[ 0 -gt "$movement" ] && movement="$(echo "$movement * -1" | bc)"
		[ 10 -lt "$movement" ] && return
		sleep 0.5

diff --git a/scripts/core/sxmo_proximitylock.sh b/scripts/core/sxmo_proximitylock.sh
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..9ed3c99
--- /dev/null
+++ b/scripts/core/sxmo_proximitylock.sh
@@ -0,0 +1,40 @@
#!/usr/bin/env sh

finish() {
	kill $(jobs -p)
	[ free = "$STATE" ] && [ true = "$WASLOCKED" ] && sxmo_screenlock &
	exit 0

trap 'finish' TERM INT

distance() {
	cat /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:device1/in_proximity_raw


mainloop() {
	while true; do
		if [ locked = "$STATE" ] && [ "$distance" -lt "$TARGET" ]; then
			pkill sxmo_screenlock
		elif [ free = "$STATE" ] && [ "$distance" -gt "$TARGET" ]; then
			sxmo_screenlock --screen-off &
		sleep 0.5

pgrep sxmo_screenlock && STATE=locked || STATE=free
if [ locked = "$STATE" ]; then

	# we dont want to loose the initial lock if the phone is forgotten somewhere
	# without proximity as this will prevent going back to crust
	sxmo_movement.sh waitmovement

diff --git a/scripts/modem/sxmo_modemcall.sh b/scripts/modem/sxmo_modemcall.sh
index 49ef212..fd8e9b9 100755
--- a/scripts/modem/sxmo_modemcall.sh
+++ b/scripts/modem/sxmo_modemcall.sh
@@ -14,14 +14,7 @@ modem_n() {

finish() {
	# E.g. hangup all calls, switch back to default audio, notify user, and die
	sxmo_vibratepine 1000 &
	mmcli -m "$(modem_n)" --voice-hangup-all
	for CALLID in $(
		mmcli -m "$(modem_n)" --voice-list-calls | grep -oE "Call\/[0-9]+" | cut -d'/' -f2
	); do
		mmcli -m "$(modem_n)" --voice-delete-call "$CALLID"
	if [ -f "$ALSASTATEFILE" ]; then
		alsactl --file "$ALSASTATEFILE" restore
@@ -32,12 +25,14 @@ finish() {
		echo "sxmo_modemcall: $1">&2
		notify-send "$1"
	kill -9 0
	pkill -9 dmenu #just in case the call menu survived somehow?
	kill $LOCKPID
	pkill -9 dmenu
	exit 1

gracefulexit() {
	kill $MAINPID
	wait $MAINPID
	finish "Call ended"

@@ -57,6 +52,20 @@ vid_to_number() {
	tr -d  ' '

number_to_contactname() {
	NUMBER="$(echo "$1" | sed "s/^0\([0-9]\{9\}\)$/${DEFAULT_NUMBER_PREFIX:-0}\1/")"
	CONTACT=$(sxmo_contacts.sh --all |
		grep "^$NUMBER:" |
		cut -d':' -f 2 |
		sed 's/^[ \t]*//;s/[ \t]*$//' #strip leading/trailing whitespace
	if [ -n "$CONTACT" ]; then
		echo "$CONTACT"
		echo "Unknown ($NUMBER)"

log_event() {
@@ -88,7 +97,6 @@ toggleflagset() {

acceptcall() {
	rm "$NOTIFDIR/incomingcall_${CALLID}_notification"* 2>dev/null #there can be multiple actionable notifications for one call (pickup/discard)
	echo "sxmo_modemcall: Attempting to initialize CALLID $CALLID">&2
		mmcli --voice-status -o "$CALLID" -K |
@@ -118,14 +126,20 @@ acceptcall() {

hangup() {
	rm "$NOTIFDIR/incomingcall_${CALLID}_notification"* 2>dev/null #there can be multiple actionable notifications for one call (pickup/discard)
	if [ ! -f "$CACHEDIR/${CALLID}.pickedupcall" ]; then
	if [ -f "$CACHEDIR/${CALLID}.pickedupcall" ]; then
		rm -f "$CACHEDIR/${CALLID}.pickedupcall"
		touch "$CACHEDIR/${CALLID}.hangedupcall" #this signals that we hanged up this call to other asynchronously running processes
		log_event "call_hangup" "$CALLID"
		#this call was never picked up and hung up immediately, so it is a discarded call
		touch "$CACHEDIR/${CALLID}.discardedcall" #this signals that we discarded this call to other asynchronously running processes
		if [ -x "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/sxmo/hooks/discard" ]; then
			echo "sxmo_modemcall: Invoking discard hook (async)">&2
			"$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/sxmo/hooks/discard" &
		log_event "call_discard" "$CALLID"
	modem_cmd_errcheck -m "$(modem_n)" -o "$CALLID" --hangup
	log_event "call_hangup" "$CALLID"
	modem_cmd_errcheck -m "$(modem_n)" --voice-delete-call="$CALLID"
	finish "Call with $NUMBER terminated"
	exit 0
@@ -153,23 +167,6 @@ incallsetup() {
	toggleflagset "-2"

incallmonitor() {
	while true; do
		if mmcli -m "$(modem_n)" -K -o "$CALLID" | grep -E "^call.properties.state.+terminated"; then
			#note: deletion will be handled asynchronously by sxmo_modemmonitor's checkforfinishedcalls()
			if [ "$NUMBER" = "--" ]; then
				finish "Call with unknown number terminated"
				finish "Call with $NUMBER terminated"
		echo "sxmo_modemcall: Call still in progress">&2
		sleep 3

incallmenuloop() {
	echo "sxmo_modemcall: Current flags are $FLAGS">&2
@@ -225,9 +222,44 @@ dtmfmenu() {
pickup() {
	acceptcall "$1"
	incallsetup "$1"
	incallmonitor "$1" &
	incallmenuloop "$1"

mute() {
	touch "$CACHEDIR/$1.mutedring" #this signals that we muted this ring
	if [ -x "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/sxmo/hooks/mute_ring" ]; then
		echo "sxmo_modemmonitor: Invoking mute_ring hook (async)">&2
		"$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/sxmo/hooks/mute_ring" "$CONTACTNAME" &
	log_event "ring_mute" "$1"
	finish "Ringing with $NUMBER muted"

incomingcallmenu() {
	NUMBER=$(vid_to_number "$1")
	CONTACTNAME=$(number_to_contactname "$NUMBER")

	# wait for sxmo to be unlocked to display menus
	while pgrep sxmo_screenlock > /dev/null; do sleep 0.3; done
		printf %b "$icon_phn Pickup\n$icon_phx Hangup\n$icon_mut Mute\n" |
		dmenu -c -l 5 -p "$CONTACTNAME"

	if echo "$PICKED" | grep -q "Pickup"; then
		pickup "$1"
	elif echo "$PICKED" | grep -q "Hangup"; then
		hangup "$1"
	elif echo "$PICKED" | grep -q "Mute"; then
		mute "$1"

modem_n || finish "Couldn't determine modem number - is modem online?"

sxmo_proximitylock.sh &

"$@" &
diff --git a/scripts/modem/sxmo_modemmonitor.sh b/scripts/modem/sxmo_modemmonitor.sh
index bbac2fc..1f64631 100755
--- a/scripts/modem/sxmo_modemmonitor.sh
+++ b/scripts/modem/sxmo_modemmonitor.sh
@@ -72,31 +72,44 @@ checkforfinishedcalls() {
	); do
		FINISHEDNUMBER="$(lookupnumberfromcallid "$FINISHEDCALLID")"
		mmcli -m "$(modem_n)" --voice-delete-call "$FINISHEDCALLID"
		rm -f "$NOTIFDIR/incomingcall_${FINISHEDCALLID}_notification"* #there may be multiple actionable notification for one call

		if [ -x "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/sxmo/hooks/missed_call" ]; then
			echo "sxmo_modemmonitor: Invoking missed call hook (async)">&2
			"$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/sxmo/hooks/missed_call" "$CONTACTNAME" &
		rm -f "$CACHEDIR/${FINISHEDCALLID}.monitoredcall"

		TIME="$(date --iso-8601=seconds)"
		mkdir -p "$LOGDIR"
		if [ -f "$CACHEDIR/${FINISHEDCALLID}.discardedcall" ]; then
			#this call was discarded
			echo "sxmo_modemmonitor: Discarded call from $FINISHEDNUMBER">&2
			rm -f "$CACHEDIR/${FINISHEDCALLID}.discardedcall"
			printf %b "$TIME\tcall_discarded\t$FINISHEDNUMBER\n" >> "$LOGDIR/modemlog.tsv"
		elif [ -f "$CACHEDIR/${FINISHEDCALLID}.pickedupcall" ]; then
			#this call was picked up
			pkill -f sxmo_modemcall.sh #kill call (softly) in case it is still in progress (remote party hung up)
			pkill -f sxmo_modemcall.sh
			echo "sxmo_modemmonitor: Finished call from $FINISHEDNUMBER">&2
			rm -f "$CACHEDIR/${FINISHEDCALLID}.pickedupcall"
			printf %b "$TIME\tcall_finished\t$FINISHEDNUMBER\n" >> "$LOGDIR/modemlog.tsv"
		elif [ -f "$CACHEDIR/${FINISHEDCALLID}.hangedupcall" ]; then
			#this call was hanged up
			echo "sxmo_modemmonitor: Finished call from $FINISHEDNUMBER">&2
			rm -f "$CACHEDIR/${FINISHEDCALLID}.hangedupcall"
			printf %b "$TIME\tcall_finished\t$FINISHEDNUMBER\n" >> "$LOGDIR/modemlog.tsv"
		elif [ -f "$CACHEDIR/${FINISHEDCALLID}.mutedring" ]; then
			#this ring was muted up
			echo "sxmo_modemmonitor: Muted ring from $FINISHEDNUMBER">&2
			rm -f "$CACHEDIR/${FINISHEDCALLID}.mutedring"
			printf %b "$TIME\tring_muted\t$FINISHEDNUMBER\n" >> "$LOGDIR/modemlog.tsv"
			#this is a missed call
			# Add a notification for every missed call
			pkill -f sxmo_modemcall.sh
			echo "sxmo_modemmonitor: Missed call from $FINISHEDNUMBER">&2
			printf %b "$TIME\tcall_missed\t$FINISHEDNUMBER\n" >> "$LOGDIR/modemlog.tsv"

			if [ -x "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/sxmo/hooks/missed_call" ]; then
				echo "sxmo_modemmonitor: Invoking missed call hook (async)">&2
				"$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/sxmo/hooks/missed_call" "$CONTACTNAME" &

			CONTACT="$(lookupcontactname "$FINISHEDNUMBER")"
			sxmo_notificationwrite.sh \
				random \
@@ -113,7 +126,10 @@ checkforincomingcalls() {
		grep -Eo '[0-9]+ incoming \(ringing-in\)' |
		grep -Eo '[0-9]+'
	echo "$VOICECALLID" | grep -v . && rm -f "$NOTIFDIR/incomingcall*" && return
	[ -z "$VOICECALLID" ] && return

	[ -f "$CACHEDIR/${VOICECALLID}.monitoredcall" ] && return # prevent multiple rings
	touch "$CACHEDIR/${VOICECALLID}.monitoredcall" #this signals that we handled the call

	# Determine the incoming phone number
	echo "sxmo_modemmonitor: Incoming Call:">&2
@@ -131,16 +147,7 @@ checkforincomingcalls() {
	mkdir -p "$LOGDIR"
	printf %b "$TIME\tcall_ring\t$INCOMINGNUMBER\n" >> "$LOGDIR/modemlog.tsv"

	sxmo_notificationwrite.sh \
		"$NOTIFDIR/incomingcall_${VOICECALLID}_notification" \
		"sxmo_modemcall.sh pickup '$VOICECALLID'" \
		none \
		"Pickup - $CONTACTNAME" &
	sxmo_notificationwrite.sh \
		"$NOTIFDIR/incomingcall_${VOICECALLID}_notification_discard" \
		"sxmo_modemcall.sh hangup '$VOICECALLID'" \
		none \
		"Discard - $CONTACTNAME" &
	sxmo_modemcall.sh incomingcallmenu "$VOICECALLID" &

	echo "sxmo_modemmonitor: Call from number: $INCOMINGNUMBER (VOICECALLID: $VOICECALLID)">&2
sxmo-utils/patches/.build.yml: FAILED in 21s

[Rework the incoming call pickup/discard behavior][0] v8 from [Stacy Harper][1]

[0]: https://lists.sr.ht/~mil/sxmo-devel/patches/21879
[1]: mailto:contact@stacyharper.net

✗ #479990 FAILED sxmo-utils/patches/.build.yml https://builds.sr.ht/~mil/job/479990
I'm testing this patch in my own development branch currently since this
is a pretty big one (will merge into master later). It looks quite

One minor thing I noticed thus-far is that the proximity sensor works
and is a nice addition, but it also triggers when you haven't picked up
a call yet and move the device to your ear (in which case it either shouldn't
activate yet or do an **opt-in** automatic pickup)

I'll do some further testing


Maarten van Gompel (proycon)